Donor 15966

Has anyone used Donor 15966? Are there any reported births for this donor?



  • @nwills just wondering if you found anything out with this donor? we have purchased a few vials after an unsuccessful round of ivf with another donor...

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    Hi @nodramamamas! My wife and I will be doing an IUI sometime this month with this donor. We are waiting for her to start her cycle. :smile:

  • That’s awesome @2Mujeres1Bebé !!! Lots of baby dust your way!!! Good luck

  • My wife and I are both doing IUIs this week with Donor 15966. She will be doing hers tomorrow, Tuesday 07DEC and I will be doing mine on Wednesday 8DEC. Originally, she was going to carry first and then I would carry on the next try, but after receiving my AMH results (apparently it is routine to check this for both partners at this clinic), we decided to rush and not postpone it for me. I had an AMH of 0.54..something. I did not even know what an AMH was until the other day and I have always had regular cycles (like clockwork). Honestly I am not going to get my hopes up too much. But I will say, I was pleasantly surprised that I had a couple of good sized follicles today (one of them was 20)! I triggered my wife on Sunday and my wife is triggering me today in a couple of hours! Well... wish us luck lol

  • OMG! I just got a call from the clinic and they want me to do my IUI tomorrow as well because of the results from my blood test today!

  • @2Mujeres1Bebé eee!!!! Omg so exciting! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you both - how serendipitous that you’re both ready together?!?! Wishing you both the very best luck!!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

    We have had to postpone our IVF (covid related 😩) but hope to follow behind you guys soon!!!

  • @nodramamamas I am so sorry to hear that! This 2020 has been a real pain in the butt! I am positive 2021 will bring many good things for you though! I wish you luck and am sprinkling lots of baby dust your way! Keep me posted! I will let you know in two weeks as well!

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    @nodramamamas Just wanted to let you know that both samples were very good! In fact our doctor referred to them as “speedy gonzalez.” Lol! Both samples were very similar statistically. Concentration >20 million/ml// >50%motility. Total motile sperm=15 million. I guess now the two week wait begins! My wife’s sonogram was great (she had ovulated) before the IUI. But I still had not. In fact my largest follicle is now 21 lol. The doctor still proceeded with the IUI but I am going back in tomorrow to make sure I have ovulated. If not...I might be doing another IUI on Friday! That’s pretty much the gist but if you have any questions regarding the sperm samples let me know!

  • @2Mujeres1Bebé !!!!! We were thinking about you guys today, and had hoped it all went well!! 21 is a whopper! I hope you ovulate now too and it all works out!! I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you both. I know the 2ww can be torture, I hope you have lots of distractions :)
    Speedy Gonzalez sperm 🤣🤣🤣 could you ask for more?!?

  • @nodramamamas Thank you for thinking about us! :blush: Yes, the 2ww is torture! When we did my wife's ICI, I was so anxious I was making my wife take tests almost every day! Which is why we have decided to keep them out of the house until the end of the 2ww. lol. According to our doctor, I now have ovulated. I was in a lot of pain last night, so I assume that was it. I am a little nervous that my IUI was done so soon after my trigger shot but he did not want to do another IUI. He said the sperm should be good until Thursday. Whether or not that was to calm my nerves or the actual truth I will never know, but I guess its out of our hands now!

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    Hi @nodramamamas! My wife and I tested today @13dpt/12dpo/11dpiui for her and @12dpt/11dpo/11dpiui for me. She got a stark positive on a FRER and I got a very faint line that is barely even there. It looks like it might be the trigger fading out. Plus I have been feeling like AF is knocking on the door. Betas are this Monday but I am almost positive I am out! Happy and sad at the same time . Anyways...I will confirm on Monday

  • Hey @2Mujeres1Bebé !! How amazing you will be starting the new year with such great news!!!- I’m sorry to hear that your test is not looking like a positive... that must leave you with such mixed emotions.... will you try again if it is truly negative?
    We are looking to switch clinics now, I feel like we’re starting all over again 😧

  • @nodramamamas ! Why did you switch clinics if you do not mind me asking? I will say however, that it is definitely important for you to feel comfortable with your doctor! This process can be very overwhelming and stressful so anything that can lower your stress levels is a good thing! We are crossing our fingers for you and sprinkling lots of baby dust your way! We might have dibbling babies! How awesome! We just got our results back and my lady is pregnant! Her results are as follows: Progesterone: 380.80, Estradiol: 246, HCG: has not updated yet on our profile but should be up any minute now. However, she was blazing pink this morning on a FRER and we confirmed with a digital! Now we just have to make sure she stays healthy and her numbers double as they should. I will definitely try again next cycle. I was a little disappointed initially, but I am very grateful that whether I am able to get pregnant or not, I will still be having a baby!

  • @nodramamamas ! Just confirmed by our fertility clinic! Baby on board! HCG: 146. Her next blood test will be on Monday! We are so excited! I know its so early but I can't help it! I am so over the moon I keep telling everyone!

  • @2Mujeres1Bebé !!!!!! Omg!!! Very early days yes, but I am so excited for you two!!!!!

    What are dibbing babies??

    We haven’t changed yet, going to discuss it again after Xmas, but thinking it might be best... just had a couple issues with getting the wrong dates for things and having to pry information out of them that we need.... it was overwhelming and emotionally draining but maybe it would be different now knowing the drill (so to speak)!

  • @nodramamamas donor + siblings = dibblings. :)

    We know exactly how you feel. We had a similar experience with our doctor. My wife did not mind, but I am very information-driven and I need to know what is going in detail. Needless to say... I was stressed all of the time. I had to squeeze information out of the doctor even during sonograms. If I did not ask, he would not even tell us how many follicles we had lol. Maybe most fertility clinics are like that? I am not sure because this is our first time going through this process. I will say we did feel comfortable with our doctor though. He is a very cool guy, just doesn't tell us much lol.

    Thinking about it and discussing it after XMAS sounds like a good plan! Let us know when you start! We would definitely love to keep in touch! :)

  • 😂oh that is excellent... Dibblings 😂
    I hope so 🤞🏻
    @2Mujeres1Bebé we will def keep you posted and please let us know how you guys are getting on!
    I think maybe all clinics are similar then... unless we are somehow at the same one!!!! LOL
    I wish there was a way to DM on here but there doesn’t seem to be!!

  • @nodramamamas can you imagine if we were going to the same one and we did not know? XD. I agree about the DM, that would be great! Are you guys going to register on the donor sibling registry? We will once the baby is born so we can exchange contact information through there in the future if you guys want to. :)

  • Hey! Sorry @2Mujeres1Bebé holidays got me distracted!!
    That would be bizarre!
    Yes we would definitely join the sibling reg.

    hope you are both doing well and that your wife is feeling good!! If you are trying again this month, that is probably soon so sending baby dust your way!!!

    happy new year!

  • Hi @nodramamamas!

    My wife is doing great and I have been going nuts buying stuff for the baby! Her numbers have been great! I had to cancel this month because our clinic will be closed during the days I would need to be monitored. I will definitely start again next cycle though!

    How about you guys? When will you start this year? Will you be staying with your current clinic?

    We created this email to communicate with you and any other future parents using donor 15966. Send us an email if you feel comfortable!

    [email protected]

    Happy New Year!

  • I was wondering if anyone has had a pregnancy/birth from Donor15966. We have a beautiful baby girl (she is two months old) and we would love to connect with other families.

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    If anyone is interested in vials for this Donor please let me know. He is absolutely gorgeous (dark hair and blue eyes). Popular and does not last for more than a couple of hours when available. I have 1 vial and my wife has 2 vials in her account. We have a gorgeous healthy 6-month-old and another baby girl (not 100 percent sure yet but did the Sneak Peek Snap) on the way. This donor is of excellent quality. My wife got pregnant on her first IUI try and I got pregnant on my first IVF. I have infertility (low AMH) and had attempted two IUIs with no success. Our family is now complete and we have decided that if we want a third child in the future it will be through adoption. This donor tends to have girls! We know of one other lesbian couple with another girl. If you are interested email us at [email protected]

    UPDATE: only two vials left and they are both stored at California Cryobank

  • UPDATE: vials are no longer for sale.

  • We are in our TTW with donor 15966!

    We are so excited to see there are some confirmed pregnancies!

  • Sending lots of baby dust your way!

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