Donor 15390

Wondering if anyone has used donor 15390. Thinking about using them but don’t see any other boards regarding this donor. Thanks!


  • we thought about it but ended up not going with that donor. Let me know if you do though!

  • I am thinking of using this donor. I decided to switch after two failed ivf cycles with another donor. Would love to know if there was any success

  • Why did you decide to switch donors? I’m also considering this donor, does anyone have any pics they can share please

  • Just bought 2 vials.. He was gone from list for over 1 yr. he was my # 1 choice but didnt go with him d/t not having adult pictures, then when my partner and I decided to go with him there were no vials left. Bummer. But now after 1 yr he is back and I will be doing IVF after 5 failed IUIs with 2 other donors. :/

  • Has anyone used this donor? I’d like to know if there’s been any successful pregnancies!

  • I'd love to know if anyone has found anyone who's used this donor, as he's on our top list pick as well but can't find any families who have used him and successfully had a baby.
    was in contact with two women who used him, one of them it didn't take and one of them they miscarries at 6 weeks.

  • My wife and I did our first ICI this Thursday and Friday with Donor 15390! Now in the 2ww.

  • Hi there! was wondering if you had any luck with this donor?

  • Hi @smm12 ! We have taken a couple of tests during the 2ww that have all come back negative but my wife is supposed to get her period on the 25th so it was too early to test anyways. Now we have run out of tests and we have decided to just wait until the 25th. I will let you know this Sunday if we had any luck. :smiley:

  • @tss216 @smm12 My wife took a test this morning and it came back negative. We have our first appointment with a fertility doctor on November 4th. @tss216 How has everything been going for you?

  • Hi I finally got my period so we’re in the process now. I’m super nervous about using this donor as I’ve had contact with now 4 women that have used him and hasn’t had a single pregnancy.
    So I’m contemplating switching before we inseminate. Sigh

  • @smm12 Hi there! I was wondering how everything has been going with you guys? Yay! You started your cycle that is so exciting! I am sorry it took me so long, this did not notify me! Don’t be nervous! I wish I could give you numbers but we did an ICI at home so I have no way to know if they were good or not? I also think we inseminated a bit too early. my fault lol. What did you guys end up doing?

  • @smm12 We ended up switching to another donor because our RE wants ICI vials for IUI. I have not been able to find any information on the donor that we will be using so hopefully his numbers are good. We are crossing our fingers here.

  • Hi all, I am currently pregnant with twins from donor 15390. I switched to this donor after a failed ivf cycle with another.

  • @Sydney1 Congratulations, that is amazing! Twins!!! My wife and I were originally using this donor and then switched to another after a failed ICI! Hopefully, we are lucky with our new donor! :blush:

  • @Sydney1 Hi did you put two embryos in or did one split? That’s amazing. Congrats. I have been pregnant but losing them by 7 weeks. Going for more tests and procedures. I will be doing another harvest after a laperascopy

  • Wife and I currently 35 weeks pregnant with donor 15390.

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    @ThanksMr15390 Amazing! I just harvested a second round with this donor and I’m the two week wait now. I miscarried once very early on and hoping I’m on the right protocol now. Good
    Luck to you ❤️💙

  • @Tikiboy10119 Thanks, good luck!!

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