baby boy from donor #14046

Just wanted to share, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy from donor #14046. I will begin by second insemination in January 2018 from the same donor! Hopefully with great success, I'm able to conceive a healthy baby GIRL!!! Anyone else with kids from donor #14046?


  • Hello! I am pregnant with this donor, we await his birth for October. Regards!!

  • How many times did it take with this donor? Was it IUI or ICI?

  • Hey ladies - @yesica98 @Sanny @Lovinson06

    I hope you are well and your babies thriving.

    How many tries did it take with 14046? IUI or ICI? I have 3 -ves from another donor and I am considering a switch. 14046 is top on my list.



  • Hello, me and my fience just did our 3rd failed iui with this donor. I'm new to this whole thing. I was wondering how many times I should try with one before or if I do switch?

  • Hello ladies, wanted to share I gave birth to my second child (healthy baby girl 👧🏻💕) on 12/13/2019 from the same donor 14046.

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    @Sanny congrats on your baby boy!!! It’s good to know my kids have other siblings in this world!
    @Lovinson06 it took me 2x with my son and 4x with my daughter. Both same donor and all tries by IUI.
    @Samyra did you use 14046?
    @Sadmadwomen86 it’s definitely a hard decision if continuing the same donor or switch. I personally decided to use the same donor for my babies despite the multiple attempts. After the 4th attempt I got pregnant with my daughter, it the event it failed then I would have to consider ICI method. Your doctor would be the best person for guidance.

    Best wishes to all! Also, this website is not user friendly. I can also be reached at [email protected]

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