TWW with Donor 15247

Hi there! My partner and I are in our TWW- 1dpiui. We had our first IUI last month and got a BFN, so this is our second attempt with this donor. Sperm count was great and we had 4 nice follicles, so FX that this is our month. Beta is on 6/6. Good luck to others who are also waiting!! :)


  • The wait is excruciating! And I am only on day 4.... Good luck to you!!!

  • The TWW is brutal... Any BFP out there? Wishing everyone the best of luck!

  • Late post, but I got my BFP! I'm currently 5w5d. Good luck to you both!

  • Congratulations!!!! And, thank you! I’ll keep you posted after my IUI and tww.

  • Pinguina, I hope you and your partner are doing well and having an easy pregnancy so far! I’m on my tww, and hope to have some good news soon! 2dpIUI🤞

  • No luck this cycle, but will be trying again in about two weeks...

  • I am in my final day of my TWW with donor 15247 and it’s my last vial of his so I have been praying I wake up tomorrow with a positive result!! I’m so nervous!

  • @JourneyToMomhood - how many total vials did you use from him? Did you get a BFP?

    @makuahine how many total vials did you use? Did you get a BFP when you tried again?

    @Pinguina - congratulations! Hope your child is happy abd healthy now! Do you mind sharing how many total vials you used? And if you had a boy or girl?

    @Abq87 did you have success? Do you mind sharing how many vials you used?

    (Can you all tell i was teying to track down vials? I'm curious how many were successful, how many not... so that we can find out how many are left unaccounted for... )

  • @Mel&eyu also had success. Would love to know how many vials you used!

  • @15247 mom Thank you! We have a healthy little girl. She's about to be 5 months. It took us 2 vials to get pregnant.

  • I have sent emails to the women on the donor registry site. If you've had a baby through this donor, please register there and I'll add you on the group email.

  • @Rew2 if you join the cali cryobank siblings registry you can share your email there and I will email you

  • That is not accurate. I joined when pregnant.

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