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I am curious how everyone narrowed down to their favorite donor!? I am down to my top 20 and I love different things about each one, and there are flaws to each one... I would love to connect and have a friend to go through this with, if anyone is interested in emailing or connecting....


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    I had some fun with it and played the “donor game” with my two closest friends and read answers to the questions and they ranked them. Some I hadn’t even read before. Then I showed the photos. I also let them pick donors they felt were a good match.
    I know in the end it’s my choice, but it was a fun way to talk out answers and bounce interpretations against friends. It was also a way to see the kind of keepsake I would have for my child, thing to tell them about their dad. For example one guy had an AMAZING life lesson he wanted to pass on to his kids, along with a drawing. To be able to have that printed and framed for my child was very special and he jumped to the top of my list. To be able to quote if the child asked about him“ you father would want me to tell you to wake up each morning with an open heart and open mind” might instill a connection that later on, if they meet, will already have roots.
    Back to fun!—— I also made a “family tree” type thing to see on paper the eye colors and hair colors in the families.
    I was able to narrow down to 15 with a top 3. I’d love to connect with more people! My email is abryson0528@gmail. They tell us not to but I don’t mind posting it! :)

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    @AngieDolce0528 Email sent!!! Thank you so much! <3

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    I narrowed my search by viewing the health history as well as genetic background. I was also CMV negative (which is rare) so that narrowed it down for me. Personality was important too but it was the genetic counselor that helped me.

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    These are some of the things we looked for:

    • does this person seem happy and well adjusted
    • does he seem smart
    • good weight / height ratio, but not necessarily tall
    • good vision (mine is terrible)
    • open donor (wanted to leave that door open for our kids)
      Ultimately we picked someone who seemed like they would fit into our family.
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    Does the donor type really matter? I mean even the open donors, are still anonymous until the baby is 18 right? then no matter which type, they can have at least one outreach to their biological family member? or am I understanding that wrong?

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