Looking for anyone who may have extra vials for donor 14446


  • R u looking for a vial for a sibling or first child?

  • We are looking for possible sibling.

  • We may possibly if this IVF goes well!
    Did you end up having a boy or girl?

  • We are about to start a IVF cycle using my eggs, we wanted to use the same donor for my wife’s eggs.

  • Future mama how did your IVF cycle go? Were you able to find more vials?

  • Ateam86, hey how are ya!? Retrieval went well I have 7 embryos on ice. After retrieval I had surgery to remove endometriosis so just waiting to heal from that before doing a transfer, I haven’t found anymore vials but we only used half the vial we had and put the rest back on ice. How did your cycle go!?

  • Future Mama, that sounds great!! We just did our second FET w two embryos ( 1st FET failed w 1 embryo) and 5 weeks 3 days pregnant!! First sono next week!

    So happy for you guys! Baby dust to both of us!

    Keep me updated on your journey!

  • Future Mama, just checking on you, how did your transfer go?

  • Hey Ateam86 we are having it this Wednesday. How are you !?

  • Future mamma— sorry I’m not on here to see these everytime so sorry for the delayed response.

    How did the transfer go? We are holding steady so far at 17 weeks!

    Keep up updated on your progress!! Baby dust to you guys!!

  • Ateam86,
    That’s great I’m so happy for you!!

    Transfer worked got a positive but it ended in a chemical pregnancy, I’m goin to do the ERA and try again in September.

    Do you have any tips what do you think helped this one stick !?

  • Just had twin boys with this donor back in April. Willing to stay connected with other siblings

  • Futuremama— so sorry to hear that! We did acupuncture for 12 visits and took herbal supplements

    Might give it a try!! A lot of people have also mentioned acupuncture helping

    Keep me updated!! Baby dust to you both!!

  • Future mama—how are you?

  • Hey Ateam86, I’m good just started meds for my second transfer. How are things going with you !?

  • Future mama 26 weeks along now! Crossing my fingers for you!! Keep us updated!

  • Hey Ateam86, yay whoop whoop that makes me so happy! Baby is doing great !? Thank you we will definitely keep you posted 🙏🏼

  • Future mama— all is well so far.. fingers crossed!

  • Ateam86,
    Hi hope all is well how is mom and baby doing?

  • Hey there!! Future mama

    All is well over here, beautiful baby girl born dec 27! Growing like a weed... how are things with you?? How’d the second transfer go??

    Feel free to message me personally
    [email protected]

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