Donor 15107! Anyone here?

Just purchased vials and curious about anyone else?


  • We recently purchased this donor.... Looking to inseminate next month! :)

  • Purchased vials from this donor last year and after several failed attempts at home, my wife got pregnant at the doctor's office (IUI) on our second try! We are having a baby boy in July and over the moon about it.

  • Congratulations!! We did our second IUI as well and found out we’re pregnant as well!

  • We got pregnant with our second IUI and are expecting to have a little girl in February 2020 💞 We are so excited and happy to hear you guys are having success with this donor as well!

  • We also got pregnant with our second IUI and are expecting a little boy in late December! 🥰 congratulations!

  • I welcomed my beautiful son in June 2019, with the help of 15107. :) I'm on the sibling registry if anyone wants to connect. Good luck to everyone!

  • Hello, everyone! We welcomed a baby boy in October of 2019 with #15107. I would love to connect with anyone interested!

  • Hi everyone! Looks like we might have the only girl here with #15107 but we are expecting her in February!

  • Hi There, I'm interested if anyone is selling vials for our donor #15107. We have a wonderful 16 month old baby boy and we are looking for expand our family. Thank you!

  • Hey there! I was successful with having a little girl with this donor also is Oct of 2019!! My wife is carrying now with another little girl who is due in February!

  • Texasmamas omg! What is his birthday? My daughter was born on the 4th

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