Donor 11033

Anybody had luck with this one? I bought the baby picture and I think that somebody else should have picked which one he submitted!!! But, either way, he fits what we want...If anyone wants to use this donor I would be happy to email you the package we bought....


  • Hello...I have looked at this donor several times.So far I have like what I have seen. He is in my top 4. I we also like 11610, 11349 & 11289. Do you mind emailing the info to me? It is [email protected].

    Baby dust to you!
  • We are getting ready to do an insem this month with donor 11033. I would love the info you have. My email is [email protected]
  • He is in my top three... I would also love any info you have. [email protected]

    Thank you!
  • Thank you for the info! I agree about the baby picture...It is ahrd to get past the "70's apperal". I am scheduled for my trigger shot at 12pm on Tuesday the 24th. I will let you all know!
  • Very Cool! Keep me posted!!! Baby Dust to ya!!!
    Belle, I am sending you that stuff now....
  • Thanks! I got it!
  • virgo91079

    I would love the info you have on this donor please... [email protected]

    Thank you
  • I just wanted to say I am 4 weeks preggo with this donor!!!
  • That is so awesome!! I am so happy for ya'll!! We are planning on using this donor in May so blow me some dust!!! Keep us posted on the progress!
  • Hello!
    We are considering this donor in our top 2 picks. We just had 3 unsuccessful tries with another donor and the doc wants us to switch which is so hard to do again! Would love and appreciate any info as we have bought so many profiles at this point!
    Thank you!!
    [email protected]
  • I was wondering if any of you that have used this donor would be willing to send a picture of your baby to me..just so I can see just how adorable they are....because his picture does him no justice at all!! any takers? [email protected]
  • I called for his attractivness rating and was told he was a 7 on a scale from 5-8. I am 7 weeks pregnant with him and I wont have a baby pic for a while to share! Virgo, werent you using him this month??
  • Hi Virgo,
    I have him on my list of maybe's I'd love to have his info..
    It's really sweet of you to offer. My email is [email protected]. Thanks so much and good luck !

  • angnjake, we actually ordered him this weekend and he made it to my clinic this morning! hopefully it'll be tuesday or wed when we do our first IUI!!

    K, sorry it's taken so long for me to get on the soon as I get home tonight I'll send it all to you.

    Catchavez, did I ever get 11033 info to you?
  • Hi, wow, I'm sorry for missing this post for so long!!!! Yes, I got it thank you sooooo much!!

    We ended up going with 11370 instead (although it was so close between them) and NOW I'm seeing the pregnancies with your donor and am kinda sad we haven't hit a positive with 11370 yet. Its our 2nd IUI after switching donors and still waiting to test.

    So happy for you that your donor is producing!!!

    Sorry again for returning your post so late. These boards get messy fast and I can't ever remember where I posted!
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