im so confused!!! help!!!

okay, so. This is my first timed IUI. Today is cycle day 1 and i called my clinic and they said i will come in on day 10 and have a sonogram. but i guess this is not the day of insemination??? they something about a surge or something...i am so naive to all of this!!! when do i get to inseminate???


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    Your LH surge, its when you get your first positive ovulation test, usually you inseminate the next morning (depending on how your doc times it) most women surge on day 14 but it can vary, I surged on day 17! Good Luck!!!
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    so on day 10 they will know when im going to surge?
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    im not 100% because i didnt have any sonogram before i got pregnant but i think they can tell if follicles are maturing so they can have a better estimate of when you will ovulate.....hopefully someone else replies and can clarify for you....your Dr. should be giving you more info then your obviously getting!!!
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    When you say "timed" cycle what do you mean? Is this a non-medicated cycle or are you taking clomid with (or without) a trigger shot?

    When I was on non-medicated cycles, I took the OPKs from cd10 on until I got the +, then called the clinic to schedule the IUI the following day. (OPK = ovulation predictor kit. Will tell you if you have had your "LH surge" which tells you them you are about to ovulate)

    When I was on clomid/ovidrel, I always went in for a cd10 sonogram. They would visualize the follicles and if they were ready, schedule my trigger shot & IUI. If they weren't ready (too small), they'd typically bring me back for another sono in a day or 2 and go from there.
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    It's a non-medicated cycle.
    Do I get an OPK at any store or do I have to order it somewhere?
    I really hope this works the first time..we really can't finacially afford to do this again and still be stable enough to actually have a baby, ya know?!
    This is so stressful.
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    You can get the OPKs at any store. Look by the pregnancy tests. They range from very cheap (store brand) kind to more expensive digital ones. Everyone has their own preference. I always used the clear blue easy (non digital) ones and had success with them. I never bought the digital ones, but some people swear by them.

    Good luck!
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    I like the clear blue easy digital ones. They are easier to read because you either get a smiley face when you are surging or you get just a circle when you aren't. With the other ones you have to compare the color of the lines, and personally with something as important as this there is no room for error. The box is about $30 for 7 testing sticks. You can get them at Target, walmart, cvs anywhere where they sell pregnancy kits, they will be right next to them.
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    Hi Kimi723....I would suggest the digital OPK's. For what you're spending on the whole ICI or IUI process....it would be worth taking the guess work out of your surge. At least this is what I think! It can be hard to read the lines on the OPK's that are not digital...is the line dark enough, is it too light still, barely there... ect.... Hope that helps a little~
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    Usually you start surging on day 14 after your period. So if you are a typical 28 day cycle you will start testing 14 days after you start your period. So if you started your period on 5/1 you will begin testing on 5/15. They usually encourage you to track your cycles at least 2 months prior to an IUI so that you know how many days your cycle is 28, 30, or even more. I don't want to discourage you but the success rate with each IUI without clomid is 10% per our Dr. SO you may want to think about this, since you haven't been tracking your surges for very long, maybe waiting until your cycle in June so that you are more aware of when they occur. Your dr. should be able to help you with this
    Whatever you decide, best of luck and lots of baby dust!! Keep us posted!!
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    Kimberly B~

    Thanks for the tip - however, I only did OPKs for my 1st 3 IUIs which we unmedicated. We moved to medicated cycles after that & used a trigger shot, so never had to worry about the LH surge again...

    We are doing IVF now. Now I deal with daily injections, rather that peeing on a stick!

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    thank you so much for all your responses. i really dont know how i would be able to do this without you all.
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