Latest BETA #s

We just heard from the docs... dp's beta today was 1451 !!!!!!!!!!! I cryed again!
What do you think?
She is about 300 below the average twin # at 20dpo but like 600 above the average single #. We just feel so blessed no matter how many buns we have in the oven.

Our U/S is in three weeks, can't wait!:) Thanks for all the good wishes and thoughts, they are working! :) :) :)


  • you will love your first U/S We just had ours last week, its amazing!!! We were able to see and hear the heartbeat too!!! It made everything so real!! Congrats!!
  • My beta at 16 DPO was 492 and at 18 DPO was 1361, and it was a singleton. It's hard to know, though, because I've known people with lower betas than mine who had twins! Good luck!
  • Great news!!! Congrats!
  • M/M white,
    That is what we have discovered too, there is such a range for both singles and doubles. I guess we will see soon! We are just so happy it has continued to go up, we feel so lucky!

    Deblute, when are you all due? Seeing and hearing the amazing!

    Thanks again Kim!

    Have a great weekend ladies!
  • momx2 ~ Those numbers sound great! Yes, the important thing is that they are doubling. I wanted twins all of my life and hoped for twins when we got our BFP, but we're having one baby and I couldn't be happier! We're 19 weeks...almost half way there! :)
  • Congrats on halftme!! That is awesome.

    We will be so happy with one or two, really we already feel so blessed. I just can not wait to know so I can get planning and all!

  • KUP on how your U/S goes! We'll be excited to know if you're blessed with more than one baby!
  • momx2....we are due Dec 3rd and we are so excited!!
    I really wanted 2 also but just like MistyandCarla I am so excited for the 1 we have been blessed with! Good Luck with everything!!
  • Thanks girls...I will post next week after our u/s. We are getting so excited! We took another test was + :)! I am so worried...I can't wait until we get further along so I can not worry so much!

    Dec 3rd...perfect. You will have baby santas! If we are pg with twins we will be due the 10th...and we could all have baby santas!
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