Donor 14100

Any reported births for donor 14100. I see there will be no more vials available for this donor, but I have not came across anyone who is expecting or has had a baby from this donor....


  • Hi IML -

    Donor 14100 has more than 5 reported pregnancies. We haven't received any birth reports yet. Unfortunately, most of our clients do not report births in a timely manner. We usually find out when they start shipping vials for baby #2 or make adjustments to their storage account.

    And yes, Donor 14100 completed our program and no additional vials will be released.

    We offer a free Sibling Registry for clients to interact with others who have a reported pregnancy from the same donor. Sometimes they may share info regarding births without actually submitting a birth report to us.


  • I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with donor 14100!! :)
  • I had twins using this donor!!!
  • 3 babies from 14100

  • Congratulations baybeemommas! We have a little girl from this donor! Any chance you have extra vials we could purchase??

  • I have one IVF vial available

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