Hi there,

Could you let me know if 13689 has greater or less than 5 pregnancies? Looks like he's been here for a year and a half or so if I'm reading things correct.

Thank you!


  • Hi Mere -

    No reported pregnancies yet for Donor 13689. He only became available in October. Reported pregnancies are usually linked to the length of time a donor has been available and/or the popularity of his characteristics. This donor has a unique ethnic background and very few clients have purchased his vials.

    Please note that all of our donors are capable of contributing to a successful pregnancy. We have an extensive donor screening process which takes about 3-4 months and less than 1% of applicants become CCB donors. Our lab requires a certain specimen quality that is only present in the top 15-20% of the general male population.

    We have a diverse donor catalog of over 470 donors. Some donors will sell vials more quickly than others, but it's important to choose a donor that is a good fit for you. It's also important to remember that whether another client did or did not get pregnant will not affect your chance of success.

    Best of luck,

  • Hi Campers -

    When using our Donor Search, please note that the category under Ethnic Origin labeled "Mixed or Multi-Ethnic" is very specific. It only includes certain ancestries that are multi-ethnic, such as: Dominican, Creole, Trinidadian, etc.

    If you search through Chinese donors, it might be easier to use the list view instead of the standard grid view because the ethnic origin is displayed and you can easily read which donors are both Asian and Caucasian.

    And just an update: Donor 13689 does have reported pregnancies now.

    Best of luck!

  • We are using donor 13689! I am half Asian and my partner is Caucasian. We have been trying on and off for 6 years to conceive. The past few years we have used California. This is our 3rd donor. (Haven't had any luck yet) We take a test this Saturday! Fingers crossed for 13689!!
  • I got pregnant with 13689 on my first round of IVF. Due July 27th, 2015.
  • Hi there,

    My wife and I are using this donor, too. We had 3 unsuccessful IUIs and are in the midst of our first round of IVF. We are hoping and manifesting that this is our lucky try. Glad to here that there has been success with this donor. Wish us luck! Will report back. Hope your pregnancies are going smoothly!
  • My husband and I have also just purchased for IVF. The embryo transfer will be early Oct.
  • Hi there,

    My partner and I are using this donor. We tried IUI for 3 months and have moved to IVF. Completed the FET few days ago and doing first beta hcg test end of next week.

    Anyone else recently use this donor as well?
  • I will give birth in July 2016 from this donor.
  • Is there a way to connect to others who have the siblings of the donor? If so, how.
  • Me (amber) and my partner (Heather) are inseminating this afternoon IUI, we have done two ICI with out any luck, however my timing was probably a bit off. Hopefully 13689 is a match for us. Will update in 2 weeks. If we get pregnant, we would like to join the sibling registry.
  • Got pregnant with 13689 on the first round of IVF. Due in June 2016. Wish you all the best of luck!
  • For those who had little ones born to 13689; how is the overall health of the baby - anything significant or of importance to report?
  • 13689 - Toddler is closing in on 2 years old.

    Happy, healthy, no health problems or anything significant.
  • Nearly 4 months. He's happy and healthy as well.
  • Hi All -

    Congrats on your little ones!

    Just a friendly reminder to make sure that you officially report pregnancies and births.

    You can do so on our quick mobile-friendly form: https://cryobank.com/Services/Post-Conception-Services/Report-Pregnancy/


  • My wife and I have a beautiful 1 year old from this donor. We are actually going to do another round of IVF next month, however when we went to purchase a vial, he was all gone! Does anyone have any extra vial(s) for this donor? I really only need just 1. Please respond asap. Xoxo. Baby dust to all!
  • Hi R -

    You may also want to call Client Services at 866-927-9622 and ask to be added to the notification list, so that we email you if we receive any buyback vials. It may be a slim chance that we receive any vials in the next month, but it's worth a shot.

    You can also report your child's birth over the phone or by completing this short online form: https://cryobank.com/Services/Post-Conception-Services/Report-Pregnancy/

    Best of luck,

  • We inseminated with donor 13689 in Sept. of 2014. We were lucky and got pregnant on the first try. My wife and I had a beautiful and healthy baby girl! We have 1 vial left and hope we get lucky again soon. Congrats to all the families with this donor!
  • Anybody with a daughter from this donor?

    I got pregnant 2nd IUI but miscarried early, got pregnant again 5th IUI but turned out to be an ectopic. Will try IVF next and have a chance to choose gender. Leaning towards a girl.
  • Campers - a few of us are on the sibling registery, if you want to join.

  • I have extra vials of this donor that I'm looking to sell back if anyone is interested.

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