Donor 13630

Has anyone used donor 13630 and had a successful pregnancy? Or are currently pregnant?


  • Yes. I am pregnant with twins. There is also another girl currently pregnant. Good luck.
  • Are you using this donor?
  • I will be using this donor... how is your pregnancy going? Twins!! Would love to hear more! Congrats!! that is really exciting!!

  • bump
  • I just found out we are pregnant with 13630! I hope it all goes well :)
  • OH WOW!!!! What was his count? I will keep you posted. My IUI is coming in ~10 days.
  • How many tries with this donor?
  • I don't remember his count...but my doc said there were lots of "forward swimmers" after she thawed. I got pregnant on my 2nd unmedicated IUI. Good luck!!!
  • I just shipped the vials and am really looking forward to next week's IUI. I will keep you posted about the "forward swimmers" :-)
  • Hope your IUI went well Crystal! This bearslair, when are you due?
  • Hi 13630!! My IUI will likely be in the next 5 days or so... I'm EXCITED! I am on letrozole and am very hopeful this donor is a winner!
    When are you due, 13630? Can you share you experience, please? I'm curious if you did IUI and ended up pregnant with twins. Were you medicated?
    I'm so happy for you!!
    ThisBearsLair--I hope you're doing well, too!
  • Good luck on your IUI! How exciting! I did two IUIs that were BFNs. Honestly, I could have tried again but knew down the road I wanted to have a full blood sibling for my kid-o...and I didn't want IVF or IUI to be a problem at that point. So I opted for IVF now, although expensive, it netted me 14, 5 day blasts! The two I transfered were 4AA's but I did not know the genders. Clomid has a 10% twin rate and Letrozole I think is 5-8% if I remember correctly. So there is a chance! Keep us posted on your IUI & FX'd for you!
  • I will definitely keep you posted! Tomorrow I have my ultrasound to see how well I responded to Letrozole. I feel pretty good - as in, I am getting ovulation pains already and it's only CD11 for me. If I were to guess, I would think my IUI is coming up at the end of the week.

    Maybe I asked this already... did you get 13630's sperm count from teh doc? If so, can you share that info please?

    That makes perfect sense... the reasoning of your IVF. Very smart of you!!!
  • 13630 - today starts my 2ww... I hope your babies come soon and that you post to let us know! xoxo
  • I had identical twin boys in June 2014. How have the rest of your pregnancies/IUIs turned out???Would love to connect with others.
  • TTC near Boston-
    Congrats on your twins!!
    I am currently 33 weeks with a boy by 13630. How are your twins? There is a secret FB page for some others who have & are having kids by 13630. I know one woman has b/g twins by him as well. Check out the other message board under "anyone use 13630".

  • Just wanted to see if anyone has used 13630 recently. I will be doing my first IUI within 2 weeks. Just wanted to know how other pregnancies turned out...
  • He is a fairly active donor. I currently have twins from him. They are amazing and healthy. The pregnancy went well, a ton of nausea but overall good. Best of luck to you with your IUI! Keep us posted!
  • Torik75 just wanted to wish you luck on your IUI! Hope to hear good news from you soon!
  • Hi eveyone...

    I had my IUI done on Black friday, so today makes 3dpiui. Fingers crossed and prayers... I'll post again when I know more!!
  • Any good news to share? FX for you.
  • Hi someone mentioned a Facebook page for this donor - does this page contain pics of kids by this donor or other info?
  • Yes, there is a private Facebook page. It is a way for the donor families to connect and share pictures and stories of donor children from 13630. Everyone with access to the page has either had a child by or is currently trying to have a child by 13630.
  • Hi - this thread hasn’t been active for awhile but I have twins by this donor and am curious about the other families. How can I be added to the secret Facebook group?

  • @Avonlea same! We also have twins by this donor and another on the way in a few weeks. I am curious about the FB page as well. Will you let me know if you find any information? Thank you!!

  • @thisbearslair would you like to connect? My email address is available on the sibling registry under user LLL2016. I have 3 amazing children via this donor.

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