just curious if anyone took bravelle? i start my 10 days at the end of dec beginning of jan, then ill take the last shot, and a day and a half later do two iui's back to back, say one on a monday, and another on a tuesday..well that is the plan so far...
im a little nervous about giving myself shots, i cant stand blood or getting an iv, but thats where my partner comes in, also i heard this medication has a higher chance of multiples then clomid...

any opinions on this??


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    I am sorry this posting is a little late, but I figured I'd still post about my experience. I took clomid 100mg days 3-7 with monitoring by ultrasound and blood work and I conceived my first daughter on my second cycle of this protocol. I was 23 when I conceived her. With my second pregnancy which resulted in our second daughter, I took Bravelle for 3 months first dosage was 75iu, second month 75iu, and third month I actually conceived was 150iu. I was 25 when I got pregnant with her. There is supposed to ba a greater chance of multiples, but I had 3 follicles that were mature, and three right behind and I still only had one baby. My blood levels were high also, at 14dpo it was 437 and 16dpo it was 1631. We thought we were definiately pregnant with twins or more but low and behold there was one perfect baby measuring right on target. The shots weren't nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be, and by the second time it was a breeze. Good luck!
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    I just finished my first cycle with bravelle. I took 150iu days 3-7, hcg day 8 and IUI day 9 (I ovulate earlier than most). I only got one follicle, which I do on my own but have had no luck unmedicated and can not take clomid. I did not get pregnant this cycle and will increase the dose next cycle and start on day 2. There is higher chance of multiples, I was told 20%. I am a bit of a weenie myself when it comes to shots and to be honest the first night I did it I had a glass of wine first. It was not at all as bad as I blew it up in my head and had no problem doing the rest. I am taking this cycle off (dumb ovarian cyst!) and hoping to do another the same time as you! Good Luck!
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    ok great thank you ladies, so a glass of wine before it did the trick? lol I just hope i dont pass out in the middle of giving myself this shot , i doubt it will be that bad but still im super nervous
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