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I have not posted in a long time...have been laying low as our ttc journey has lasted a lot longer then we ever thought, but after many failed IUI's we took the IVF leap and we have our day 5 transfer this Saturday at 10am. Momx2 I have followed your progress on this board and NW and hope we have the same success. Being able to read and learn from others has been very helpful.

Good luck to everyone,


  • Good luck with your transfer! Loads of baby dust to you!

  • Good Luck Doneen! I am so excited for you all! A five day tranfer! :) That is awesome...I am sending many good thoughts to you all for tomorrow that those sweet embies are extra sticky! GOOD LUCK! Please keep us posted!

  • Good luck!!!! We'll be thinking about you...sending baby dust and prayers!!!
  • Well our transfer went well. They transferred two blastocysts and one of them was all ready hatching. They gave us a picture of the two blastos they transferred and we were able to freeze two. I have been resting all day today. Now the ten day wait.... Momx2 did they tell you how they graded your blastocysts? Since one was all ready hatching they graded it a 5CA hatching, small inner cell mass and great outer cell development. Just curious. Now I have to try and stay stress free.

    thanks baby dust to everyone!
  • We'll be expecting a BFP for you in 10 Days! Relax and enjoy every second of this process... You're creating a miracle inside there! :)
  • That is wonderful news and forzen ones! AWESOME! We feel very blessed to have three frozen as well. They say that is hard to get...dp had no frozen ones her first time round. So you go Girl!

    They did grade ours like yours. We had a 3BA and a 2BB We lost one embie and had one split. I don't know the grade of the ones they froze...it does not say on our paperwork. On day three we had 2 B8, 1 A8, 1 B7, 1 B6, 1 C6 and 2 B5. I imagine the A8 became our 3BA and one of the B8's turned into our 2BB.On day 5 they were still watching 5 embies and on day 6 froze 3 of them.

    You are so pregnant until proven otherwise!!!!!!! I can not wait to see your BFP! 8 more days right?! WOOOHOOO! Take it easy!

  • Mom2x, thanks for the info. and positive support. We have our picture of the two blastos on the refrig. hoping they continue to grow and hold on! Found out today that just like you they watched the other two blastos until day 6 and froze one that they graded a 4BB. So at least we have one other. I go next Tuesday for pregnancy blood work...I am not sure that I will be able to receive the phone call with the results. The the earlier I go the earlier the results same day. I think that I will have them call my partner instead of me. All fingers and toes crossed!!!

  • The first time we did ivf the wait for that call was HORRIBLE! It was - and that made it even worse to have to listen to directions on meds and all...it was so painful, both of us were in tears in the phone. So this last time we decided we should save dp's fmu and after we got home from the bloodwork we would use a HPT. It was positve and that made it great and we were still anxious but not as terrifed...we had some time to process before they called, just us! We wanted to be able to that too if it had been -. It was just so hard to hear the sadness in the nurses voice when she called and have to listen to another person at a time like that....something to think about. You definately want to be together for that call either way it goes.

    Less than a week to go...yay! I have everything crossed for you! Stick blastos stick!

    We had ours in a little frame by the bed...it is amazing to compare them to the u/s pics of them now! ENJOY the moment!
  • Oh...and congrats on the frozen embie! That is GREAT news!
  • Well it is Tuesday and the passing of this day up until this point could have not come too soon. Waiting for that bloodwork result is a absolute mind freak all day.....anyways we are happy to announce that we are pregnant. Our bloodwork came back with a level of 161 (is that hcg or beta or is that the same thing) I go back on Thursday for second draw and then ultrasound in 4 wks. I cannot believe it and have not had one symptom of being pregnant other than not starting my cycle, but with all these meds. I thought I would be late anyway. What a two and half year roller coaster and now if we can just make it thru the next three months, but I have faith we will!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everything is going well with momx2. Do you mind me asking what part of the country do you two live in.?

  • CONGRATS!!!! 2 1/2 YEARS later! I am sooo happy for you two!
  • Jesselynn, thank you, we just finished having dinner together and cannot believe we are actually pregnant. I realize we have sometime ahead of us that could still be scary, but today is what it is a positive result and we will hang our hats on that for today.

    thank you,
  • Doneen,

    Congratulations!!! I am so happy this finally worked for you both!

  • OMG!!!!! YAY! I have chills reading this I am so excited for you all! I was just thinking about you all today and wondering what yesterday had brought! YAY! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it's twins....dp's was 100 on 14dpo! That is an awesome number, I can wait to see what tomorrow's is! HAve you gone to beta base . com yet?
    That first day of finding out is soooooo amazing isn't it? No words can describe! The first trimester is scary, you are right and faith is the only thing that I found to work. I will be keeping you in my prayers...... but just look at what you have just accomplished and how those babies or baby have chosen you all already!
    I am so excited for you all! YAY!

    We are in Kentucky.Where are you guys?
  • Thank again for everyones positive responses and support. I am not so much the computer person or even texting and when we started this journey I was unaware of these chat boards other than this one since we chose our donor from CCB. It is amazing how much helpful info. from people who you have never met in person can pass along in these forums. When we started this process I suppose we were naive in thinking we would be pregnant quickly. Two and half years later and so many attempts I cannot count we are here. I continue to offer support and positive energy to ALL who continue on this journey.

    I had my second hcg level drawn yesterday, but since I had to do it at another lab other than my doctor because I had to work yesterday I will not know results till Sat. am. I will post an update then.

    Momx2, I have followed your online postings since your first IVF and even though I did not post I was always looking for your posts to see your progress. We were trying to overcome our fear about IVF when you were starting your first round. When the outcome was not the result you were looking for my disappointment for the two of you was immense. But your determination to try again put some of my own fears to rest. I had become to scared to even try IVF because of the fear of it not working, but silently reading your journey provided courage that I had not been able to find previously.

    Kimberly, I had not seen you on this board lately, and I have continued to think about you and where you were in this grueling journey, but wanted to respect your privacy. Your support is very kind and appreciated.

    thank you again,
  • Doneen,

    Your words brought me to tears...really. I can not tell you how inspiring some of the women on both boards have been for me and dp. Three years of trying, as you know can really take alot out of you and seeing all these women not giving up on their dreams helped us both so much...to know that our story helped you all leaves me with out words. Ivf is scary, the money, the meds, the procedures...but it is all so worth it! If we had not tried again...we would not be pg with these sweet babies. That freaks me out sometimes... what if we had stopped!?! WOW! I am SO glad we didn't!
    I too was new to texting...blogs and message boards until we had reached our 1 year mark of trying and I found so much support and information that was always amazed me. Now, I am so grateful for both these boards!

    Can't wait to hear your results today...thinking of you! I know you have been on pins and needles...I don't know how you went w/o knowing for two days!

    CONGRATS again!
  • Well, Saturday I worked again, but our IVF coordinator called and said second hcg was 268. She said that was good,but my doctor wants a third level to be on the safe side. So today Monday I am going for a third level which I should know the result by this afternoon then if it is O.K. they will sent up my next appt. for ultrasound. I think since I did not quite double my hcg they want to check it again, but the nurse reassured me that the number was fine and as long as it is going up everything should be O.K. This journey is a true test of patience.... we are sooooo excited, but each time you feel a sense of hesitation just to let go and be happy with no cares and then it seems you are waiting again for another positive test result.

    Momx2, we are in Dallas, Tx I think I forgot to mention that after I asked where you two were located. Are two all ready in your second trimester? Another question how did you count your dpo with IVF. Did you count from your ER? Was your ER day 0? Just curious. I will update later with hopefully another good number.

  • Doneen,

    Congratulations on your BFP! That's wonderful news!

  • That number sound perfect! They have us do 3 hcg checks as a normal check at our office before they schedule the u/s also, so don't worry. I am so happy to hear this, I have checked on you all everyday!
    We counted from ER, ER day is zero. Dp's hcg levels were checked 14 dpo, 16dpo and 19dpo. 100,246,1451 (I think?)

    Please let us know how today's went and when your u/s is!

    Oh..the waiting continues too! Now we are counting down to our nexts u/s...it will have been 5 weeks since we have seen our sweeties....it is SOOOOOOOOOO hard! I am a bundle of nerves! The another countdown will begin....Hang in there you will be there before you know it...it really does fly by!
  • So on Monday 3rd hcg was 898. Again our IVF coordinator said everything looked fine and doctor was pleased with the rise and we have our first ultrasound scheduled for July 21st which according to the IVF calendar that would be 7 weeks pregnant. Of course we are very excited, but it is hard not to remain cautious and somewhat reserved. I think when we have the ultrasound and actually see something then maybe we can be more at ease. What a roller coaster.

    Hopefully everyone is doing well peace and prayers to everyone on this journey.

  • It is huge Roller coaster! You are so right!
    YAY for your rising HCG! That sounds great! I look forward to hearing wonderful news from the u/s.
    Our first u/s was 7.5 weeks because we could not do it at 7 due to my work schedule, it seemed like it took forever to get there! Dp and I were so nervouse that day, in the waiting room we were both shaking and could not talk!

    Now we have been waiting 5 WEEKS for our next one which is next week. We have not seen our sweeties since they were 9.5 weeks! Dp will be 15.5 weeks when we go next week. It will have been I think, the longest six weeks of our lives! The only thing that makes me feel better now is when I see her belly grow ( which is the coolest ever!)...but I am really jones for some new u/s pics!

    The waiting game of this journey and the nerves that go along with it don't ever go away....do they?
  • Doneen~

    Just wondering how your ultrasound went??? I am excited to hear how many little ones you have in there!! :)


    How are your little ones doing? It must have been great to see them again!

  • Kimberly, thanks for checking in. I had tried to post last week after our ultrasound, but with the updates to the CCB board I was having trouble replying to anyone. Looks like my safari is working now though. Our ultrasound went great, but we were soooo nervous we were almost an hour early to our appt. We have one little bean growing and was measuring exactly 7weeks1day and had a strong heartbeat! The doctor felt like everything looked great and released us to a OB of our choice.

    So far I have been feeling fine and not too many symptoms other than being tired. This Monday Aug. 3rd will be 9 weeks. We have decided to use a birthing center in Dallas that is associated with Baylor hospital. As long as our pregnancy progresses without any health issues we will deliver at the birthing center on Swiss Ave. My first appt. is next Tuesday hopefully all goes well. We all ready want another ultrasound just to see that everything is going well, but I believe at ten weeks you can finally hear the heartbeat so that will be some reassurance. So far so good!

    I know that you are familiar with all the stress that comes with the type of work that we do and I am trying my hardest to stay pretty disconnected with work. Go in do my deal and leave, but all the lifting we do sometimes makes me worry, but I realize there are many women who are pregnant and do our jobs.

    How are things coming along with you two. I had not seen any posts on your progress. I hope you are doing well.

  • Hey ladies!!!!!!

    Kimberly, how are you? I too have been wondering what was going on with you.
    We had another u/s two weeks ago and it went really well. Our "girls" ( we will know for sure next week :)!) were very active and perfect. We have the big scan u/s next Wed and can't wait! After that we will have u/s every two weeks, that will be so nice, we have been spoiled in that area for sure. Dp's belly has really grown over the past two weeks and she is feeling them! :) Lucky girl, I hope to be able to feel them in a few weeks. We have been busy getting the room painted and a new floor put down before I return to work. Time is flying by...I hope you are well!

    Doneen, I am so glad things are going well with you all and that little bean is growing so well!

  • Doneen...yeah on the great news from the US! And, yes, hearing the heartbeat is amazing! I would suggest that you purchase a home dopplar...we did this and we were able to hear Reece's heartbeat at 11 weeks. We purchased ours from ebay and it's been a sanity savor. On days when we had doubts or concerns, we would listen to make sure she was okay. We still use it now...Reece is a lazy baby and likes to sleep a lot, so when I don't feel her for awhile, I drag out the old dopplar and take a listen. Good luck on your appointment next week.

    momX2...I know what you mean about the U/S...we (I) am considered high risk, so we get U/S's every two weeks too. Just last month they decided that I could go every 4 weeks between U/S's and to be honest, we were really sad by that. Yes, it's great to know that I'm doing well enough to spread them out, but still...when you'r used to seeing her every other week, going 4 weeks seems like eternity! I'm so excited for you girls having twins! I really wanted twins so bad, but we're so grateful for being blessed to carry one child. Tell DP to take it easy and plenty of rest...she's going to need it. Are you on the CCB facebook group?
  • Doneen~ Congrats on that healthy little one you have! I haven't heard of the birthing center you mentioned, but honestly that scares the hell out of me. I feel like I need to be somewhere where there are damn good drugs if I need them! LOL.

    Melanie~ So glad to hear things are progressing well with your little ones too! My biggest joy would be to find ou we were having twins! So jealous!!

    Sorry we haven't been posting much & haven't updated, but we did FINALLY get our BFP last week. Yesterday we hit 5 weeks. Beta numbers looked great (cd14=169, cd16=435) and are anxiously & nervously awaiting our 1st sono on 8/11. Scared is more like it... I am starting to have a few symptoms which has put my mind at ease some (sore breasts & mild cramping), but our prior m/c has us on pins & needles. In general, I have a really good feeling that this pregnancy is healthy, so I just want confirmation at this point.

    Doneen~ I will likely use Dr Julie Lo at UTSW for my OB if she will accept me. Have you heard of her? I hear that she is really great, but doesn't take on many patients these days and when he does it is usually high risk pregnancies, so I am going to call in favors!
  • oh, BTW~

    Can you believe after 9 medicated IUIs & 2 failed IVF cycles, I got my positive on an unmedicated IUI cycle!!??!! Crazy!!! Even had 2 follicles! Go figure...
  • kimi723...Yeah! Congratulations! That is wonderful news! You girls deserve this BFP! I've followed your journey for a long time and I am so excited for you! Please KUP!
  • Kimberly, OMG!!!! I am so excited for you two! I know that your journey has been long and difficult, but I am hoping and praying that this little one sticks. I was the same as you we needed that ultrasound to put our minds at ease, but it seems we have all ready gone back to worrying. It is amazing to hear all that you did and then to get pregnant on a non-medicated cycle. It is so hard to know for those of us getting pregnant the non traditional way if just the lack of exposure to live sperm makes our journey to pregnancy so long or if infertility really plays a role. Either way I am so glad for you and your partner. CONGRATULATIONS!

    I am not familiar with Dr. Julie Lo, but to be honest until we were released from our RE I knew very little about what OB we would use, but knew about the birthing center and few friends who delivered there so decided to check them out. I am sure if she is with UTSW she should be good. Where does she deliver Parkland? or St.Paul?

    You will be in my thoughts and best of luck on August 11th. Please continue to update here since I am not on the CCB facebook group. I cannot wait to hear the good news after your ultrasound.

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