Decisions decisions.....

Hello everyone,
My name is Crystal and i am 26. My partner and i are interested in having a baby and we were wondering how do you make the choice of wich donor to use! I mean seriously there is soooooo many and so many different credentials to each of them.

Can anyone help???????


  • What is important to the both of you?? You should discuss first. Want him to look like your partner? Education important? Medical stuff?? We also looked for warmth in his audio..
  • This is how my partner and I are deciding...Since I am carrying we are picking a donor who is the nationality of my partner. (get your blook work done and find out if you are CMV positive or not. If you are CMV positive you can use any donor. If you are CMV negative I've heard it's best to use a CMV negative donor. Check with your doctor) We checked out the short profiles and staff impressions first and then narrowed down the ones we liked from there. Then we purchased the long profile, audio and baby picture and just found one we liked. When you start narrowing it down you may not feel like you have as many to pick from. Good luck in your new journey.
  • It was a learning curve for my partner and I. I bought a lot of packages to get the baby photo and long profile. But ultimately, we used the staff impressions as a guide. It told us a lot about the individuals personality. But what really helped us decide was first the basic criteria that you'll both want to set on, like height min & max, hair color (which we just chose everything but red hair, etc.), eye color we wanted the baby to have light eyes like my partner and I, skin tone, etc. But when it came down to ancestry we were quite flexible, as long as it was from somewhere that we knew that they don't carry any major genetics defects. That kind of stuff you can always check on the internet. If you have no clue and are doubtful move to the next donor. I also found that in the beginning, try not to read so much on the personality stuff untill you've really looked through your basic criteria. Once the donors pass that part, move onto the next thing that is most important to you. That may be education, religion, whether they were glasses, or have distinquishing facial features. It's also helpful to know what you don't want. But, in the end the most important is family medical history. Once you've gone through the exterior, really take your time with the medical history. A few times, I've said okay this one is it, until my partner really searches carefully and finds something that we both don't want. And use your resources, the experts. I've called a few times and have spoken to the genetics experts about certain health concerns. Well good luck on your search and try to have fun with it. Don't worry about being undecided, it's a journey... enjoy each step. You'll both know when you have the right donor because you have spent days, hours reviewing, and reviewing until you find him. We have.
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