newbie at this need help

I had just gone to my 1st appointment to start fertility treatment. But I was a bit overwhelmed by this doctors straight talk that if your FSH/EZ levels are high I would not be treated. Being 42 right now I was at first taken aback by this. I am hoping that it is not an impossible dream to become pregnant. I would like to know if there is someone out there who has gotten pregnant with test results that varied in betwen high and low.


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    I am in the exact same situation as you are and i will be 44 this thursday. My first appointment was on October 9th and the pa and nurse were so very cold and deflated my ego of having a child. I am now awaiting my period, which i expect October 25th, to then call the nurse for the test. It appears that unless i have a low fsh with the chlomid test and have healthy and plentiful eggs with the ultrasound than the fertility clinic won't accept me. I'm frustrated and feel all alone.

    I would greatly appreciate you sharing any feedback you may receive. Do you know if i can receive sperm donorship directly from the cryobank. Do i have to go through a clinic? I feel i need to think of other options in the event the clinic will not accept me.
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