1st IUI

Hello everyone!
I just had my first IUI done and it was painless. The count was 45.2 million and 62.8 motility. I had my first + LH surge last night after getting tired of testing and comparing the 2 lines. Then I switched to clear blue digital. My RE did an ultrasound this morning around 10:00 AM and decided to do IUI at 3:30PM. Any way, he said I should ovulate 2night, but he wants to do another US 2morrow, just in case he needs to do a b2b IUI. Well post back then. BB dust for all of us.
Tons of it. :-)


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    Congrats! It sounds like your RE is on top of it! I wish you the best of luck!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!! I know how excited you must be! Wow, your counts are pretty high. Was that post thawing/washing numbers?

    My numbers post thawing/washing were 7mil count and 49% motility. I know it only tacks one, but I'm starting to worry a bit. I would much rather have 45 mil than 7mil...*sigh*.

    I'm not trying to rain on your parade. I'm happy for you and wish you the best. I also like the idea of doing the US to confirm ovulation. "IF" I have to go for round 2, I'll have to ask about having a US just for confirmation.

    All the best to you. Please keep us updated with any early pregnancy symptoms and test results! I'm cheering you on all the way. Much babydust to you!!
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    Yeah! CONGRATULATIONS! Those are excellent numbers! I'm curious too...were those post thaw numbers? Mine were 27.4 million and 72% motility at post thaw and I got pregnant on my first IUI. I hope that you have the same success!

    Good luck and KUP!
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    Thanks to all of you.
    Ok, yesterday after my IUI I received a copy of the packing slip from the bank with all the info. Like lot #, when it was released from quarentine, etc...I purchased 2 vials.
    Vial # 1 & Vial # 2 (ml)
    Count b4 freezing 75 in both vials
    Pre-freeze Motility 80 & 70 respectively
    Post-freeze motility 60 & 50 respectively
    Now hand written by the embriologist in the corner of the PL dated yesterday it says
    Vial # 1
    Count 45.2 ml
    Motility 62.8
    Thawed 3/10/09
    So I guess it's correct.
    I just came back from my second US and my follie was gone, meaning I ovulated last night, so it was a good thing to do the IUI yesterday, I am praying it takes.
    Baby dust for all of us girls!!!!!
    Chaveece I'am right behind you :-)
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    Hello dane1122
    If you don't mind telling on what day of your cycle did you get your first positive surge! I have had 4 failed IUI's and I think I am ovulating the same day I get my surge and my DR. does not care and is still doing IUI the day after. I have cramping usually the night after my first + surge. Sounds like you have a DR. that is on top of it. I am in the process of meeting new DR's. I just want them to do something more to prove when I am actually ovulating. I wish you the best of luck and it sounds like you had great timing. Thanks
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    Sorry cholland59411, I did not see you posting.
    Ok, I got my period on Feb 25. That Friday the 28th, I had my 3-days lab done and the doctor told me start checking my surge on Sunday the 8th. I did it at night just one time around 8:00 PM (-). Then on Monday 9th around 11 AM (-). Then Monday night around 8:30PM (-). Sorry all this test were done with the kit you have to compare the lines. This last one I asked for 2nd opinions, and my family told me to try the digital one. I waited 2 hrs, and around 10:30PM I got a possitive one. I called in first things in the morning, they did the US, but my follie wasn't ready yet. They called me around 3PM and did the IUI, but to double check, my RE did a 2nd US yesterday at 9:00 AM but my follie was gone, meaning I ovulated like my doctor said in the night of my IUI. Where are you located? I live in Miami and my doctor is a professor in UM.
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    I live in CA, but using a DR. in Reno NV. I have an appointment with another DR on the 30th, and I told him it was a job interview. I should have the right to choose. He seems like he might be alittle more motivated. We are going to take a break and look for another donor as well. My #'s were very low the last couple of times. Should be starting back up in June. I need a break too stressful!!!!!
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    I just had my first IUI about an hour ago. No pain just cramping. Congrats on your first and baby dust to both of us.
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