Finally we got our BFP!

Well, after 13 IUI's and now our second IVF we are finally preggos with an awesome CCB donor!!

POAS this morning after bloodwork and it was +, then doc called and beta is 100! We are over the moon!

Melanie and Amy (dp)


  • Melanie and Amy-

    I am sending you a big hug!!! Congratulations, I know it has been a long road but now you see it was all worth it!!! Here is to a beautiful upcoming 9 months!!!

    Diana and Stacey
  • (HUG!!!) Congrats!! It just goes to show how tenacious we women can be... we are willing to keep on trying for the things (and little people) that we want!!
  • congrats!!!! soooo happy for you 2
  • Congrats!!
  • Thanks ladies, we poas again today and the + came up RIGHT away and was darker.:)
    Can't wait to hear what tomorrows beta is.
    Thanks again for your kind words!
    Melanie and Amy
  • Congratulations , wishing a sweet 9 months !
  • Yeah! What a happy time for you girls! That's fantastic news! Congratulations!

  • Thanks girls!

    Our beta today was 246! We are super excited!

  • Excellent BETA! Have they scheduled your first ultrasound yet?
  • Yes, we have one more beta tomorrow and then u/s on the 22nd! ( dp will be 5 weeks on Sat, so almost 8 weeks at the u/s) We are so excited. Three more weeks until then! We are going to tell the family on Mother's day. Can't wait for that. They have gone through every step of this journey with us but we kept this cycle kind of on the downlow so they don't even know we had a should be a glorious day!

    Thanks for asking, I will certainly post when we have the u/s!

    How are you all?
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