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Hey guys, usually Ligia is the one typing away but today I'm taking over. (this is Lori btw)...
Just to give you a quick update, Ligia and I are going thru IVF, using my egg and she will carry...so on the 17th we start our Lupron injections, and I was wondering if anyone has been on those or maybe even been on them with their DP, like her and I will be? Any feedback would be great...right now we are on BCP's trying to regulate or cycle, and for some reason the BCP's are making my boobs feel like someone has been doing the "Riverdance" on top of them...hopefully that will subside..LOL


  • Lori~

    I did 2 IVF cycles and unfortunately wasn't successful with either cycle. (My ovaries seem to think that we are older than we really are!)

    I was on Lupron, Menopur & Follistim. I never had any side effects from taking the meds & hopefully you won't either! Good luck, the IVF cycle seems overwhelming at first, but really isn't that bad once you "figure it out".
  • Lori - First, Good Luck!

    Me & DP have done IVF. I am the one we are trying to get preggers. I have been on Lupron...Lesley would give me my injection every morning. It is a small needle so nothing to worry about. However, just as an FYI you may have some mood swings, hot flashes until you start your stimulation med.

    First cycle I was on BCP for a while then Lupron, Bravelle & Menopur. Like Kimi said, it is a little overwhelming feeling at first, but you will get a hang of it quick and it is smooth sailing from there! Good Luck again and keep us posted!!!

  • Kimi-

    I am sorry to hear about your unsuccesful attempts, are you guys thinking about giving it another shot? I can only imagine the rollercoaster ride you are on right now emotionally.


    So how is your IVF cycle going? Are you guys almost at the retrieval stage? Or just starting again?

    Well thanks both of you for your responses, the reading I was doing on the web about Lupron was scaring us a little bit, seems like everyone that wrote about it only had negative things to say about how bad the mood swings are and night sweats, so its nice to hear that things really arent that bad. Then again, whats a few mood swings and night sweats when you get a "little one" in return.

    Oh and it looks like Ligia and I will both be on Lupron for awhile and then about 10 days in we switch to a lower dosage and I add on the Bravelle & Menopur and she adds on the Estrace...shewww I am sure glad they gave us both a calendar
  • The calendar is a life saver! Atleast that was one of mine. I made a copy of the calendar and hung it on my bathroom mirror so I made sure I didn't forget anything and then in the evening I would make an "X" through that day. The Lupron is not as bad as they make it seem! Oh, and just to as a note you may want to watch a refresher course on mixing the Bravelle & Menopur when it comes time for that...ferringfertility.com I believe has the 411 to refresh and we watched that before doing that injection the first time...but like I said, when you get a hang of it it is smooth sailing!!!

    Thanks for asking about our next IVF cycle, actually we are currently cycling. We had our egg retrieval today and couldn't be happier with results. The 1st time we cycled I unfortunatley ovulated early on my left side so we were only able to get 5 eggs, 3 mature & 3 fertilized...That cycle resulted obviously in BFN. Today we got 17 eggs! We couldn't be happier with the outcome. Especially since at my last ultrasound appointment Dr. thought we would get 8 "Good Ones"!!! Now we just wait again until tomorrow when I get the fertilization report and then more waiting until transfer. We feel blessed!

    Keep us posted!

  • Ligia...fyi...Kimi is now pregnant! After all she's been through, she actually got a BFP on a natural cycle! :)

    Good luck to you and DP.
  • Hopefuly everything works out! baby dust to you all!!
  • Lori~ Yes, Misty is right!
    We did have 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles though. (1st one we only retrieved 1 egg, which did fertilize but stopped growing before transfer & the 2nd was converted to an IUI b/c we only had 4 follicles.) So on our 11th try, we did an unmedicated IUI post HSG in July & oddly enough got our BFP! Waiting sono next week to see that heartbeat though...

    I agree wth Lesleyamanda that the calendar is a lifesaver. I posted mine on the refrigerator since most of my meds had to be refrigerated.

    I was also worried about side effects, but really didn't have any. I guess that is the one thing that I have been lucky with in this TTC journey is that I never experienced any negative effects of any of the fertility meds (clomid neither).

    Lesleyamanda~ Woohoo! 17 Follicles is amazing!! I am sure you both are super excited, as you should be! When we did our IVF cycles, I was so excited about the possibility of having "snowbabies" to use later. Hope this brings you your BFP and lots of frozen embys to work with later!

    Best of luck to you both!
  • Kimi-

    OMGAWWD...what wonderful news, I bet you two are super stoked right now. I bet you cant wait for that sono next week...you definitly have to keep Ligia and I posted...


    17 Follicles is awesome news..congratulations...now its all about waiting, which is bound to drive someone insane at times..LOL...

    Did you get an update on your fertilization report yet?
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