Today's visit

We had our first OB visit today! It was great. We got to hear the heartbeats on the doppler.....AMAZING! Doc was awesome...go back in four weeks for u/s and visit.
Big u/s will be first of August and then two week monitoring will begin on the twins. It will be here before you know it...I think I am ready for us to start getting our ducks in a row! First thing...clean out their room! Good thing my vacation starts next week! :)


  • Great news! We love listening to Reece's heartbeat so much that we bought a doppler so that we can listen to her whenever we want! It's the best sound!

    I can't imagine all of the excitement of twins!

    Good luck!
  • I am so trying to talk dp into getting a doppler. Money is tight now and she keeps saying no...any ideas on a good deal for one?
  • We got ours from Ebay. It's called the MommyDop and it's made by Newman Medical. It's the only one that I found that is made in the USA. It comes with a 1 year guarantee. I think it was somewhere around $150.00.

    When I first got it, I took it to my OB to have her show me where to listen for the heartbeat. She loved it and said it was better than the one she uses in her office! It has a digital screen that shows the counting like they do in the OB's office.

    It is worth its weight in gold. It really helped ease my fears on the days when I didn't "feel" pregnant. Tell DP that you can always resell it after you're finished with it to recoup some of your money. :)
  • That is excellent advice. Love the idea and the fact that this item is available for home use. I'll definitely be buying one if I get preggers. After all, you can't put a price on knowing that your baby is doing ok.
  • CONGRATZ to MOMX2, on the twins, we are so Happy for U guys, and a lil jealous, lol Just an't wait til it's our turn!! : )

    CONGRATZ to MISTYandCARLA, Yall r an inspiration for us all!! I Love hearing both of yall's storys, and can't wait till we can share ours with U all!! Good Luck to al of u!!

    P.S. PLZ send LOTS of Baby Dust, our way!! : )

  • Thanks're very kind. :)

    Ba-by Dust, Ba-by Dust, Ba-by Dust! My little chant for all of you in your TWW!
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