achy ovary

i'm hoping someone has experienced this and might be able to tell me what this might be...

my right ovary always seems to have a functional cyst. sometimes the cyst(s) was not big enough to hinder taking the fertility drugs for IUI, but most of the time it was. that is why i am on an extra week of lupron because i had 2 cysts that were creating hormones and therefore i couldn't take the stims.

anyway...my right ovary is aching today. just a dull achy, throbby kind of feeling. sometimes it generates around my waist and into my lower back. it's weird. i want to tell myself that it's the cysts popping and going away, but my cysts are so stubborn. i would so stick a needle in there and pop them myself if i could.

if you've experiened this before, let me know what you figured out from it if anything. i guess i'm just bored at home today and have too much time on my hands to sit around and think about my body. :-)



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    ok, so i kept looking on the internet for answers, and i found that a dull, achy pain in my ovary that radiates to my lower back could be a ruptured cyst!! yay!! i hope so! those stupid cysts are the only thing holding me back from starting my stims for IVF! we'll see on wednesday if they ruptured. :-)
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    sometimes it can be mittelschmerz - the pain you get when your ovaries are stretching because of cysts or because of follicles expanding. depends on the time you are in for your cycle.
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    thanks aqua. i have no idea what time i'm in for my cycle because the bc and lupron have royally screwed it up. hopefully the darn things will be gone soon!!!
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    I totally feel your pain. I had a large ovarian cyst removed (8cm) from my left ovary via laparoscopy this last month. I feel 100 times better now. I refused the Depo lupron because I did research and didn't like what I found. Aside from that there was evidence that lupron and surgery work equally the same. Good luck with your cyst I will send you rupture thoughts:)
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