need good thoughts

Doc called last night and said..
Our baby girl A has to have some more pictures taken today. Doc is worried about her cord. PLease pray and send good thoughts that all is well with our little girl.
I am sure all is fine but I believe in the power of prayer and positive any and all good thoughts you are willing to send dp and I would be so grateful!


  • Prayers are on the way...hang in there. Just from experience, the level II doctor told us at 18 weeks that Reece had Trisomy 18...we were worried sick for 6 days...after further testing, those results were wrong...she's perfectly fine! Sometimes technology isn't such a good causes a lot of undo stress.

    Anways, my thoughts are prayers are with you and the girls...please update us when you return.

    Here's you a hug...[squeeeeeeeeze]

    Misty and Carla
  • At work... praying for you on my break between planes... she's going to be okay.
  • Melanie & Amy: We are saying a prayer for you and your girls!!! Sending positive vibes your way and a {{HUGS}}

    Amanda & Lesley
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
  • Melanie~

    I am keeping you & the girls in my thoughts & prayers today. Hopefully the pics will prove that she is fine!
  • I was just checking in on you Melanie to see if you got any news yet. Keeping you and the girls in our thoughts!

    Amanda & Lesley
  • Thanks girls! It worked! There is a problem with A's cord but it is ok. She has a loop in her cord. That will increase the chance of a c-section for dp but does not cause fetal growth porblems. It is just a variataion in cord development doc said. whew!!!!!!!! so scary, but our baby girl is just fine! Both were very active sweet! We love them so and feel so lucky! Our docs are so on top of everything, we feel so blessed!
    Thank you all so much!!!!!!
  • Glad to hear everything is okay! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!
  • HALLELUJAH!! THANK YOU, LORD!! I would do tha praise dance if I wasn't work... what tha heck... do it anyway!!
  • (okay... back and out of breath) When do you have to go back for another check up??
  • Yeah...that's great news! God is good. Take care of DP and those babies and KUP.
  • Melanie~ Baby A must be a little "drama queen" and like some attention! All girlie girls are... Glad to hear that everything is great!

    Grow girls grow!
  • Kimberly- LOL! I bet she will be our little drama queen! Too cute!

    ualtigger- we go back in two weeks. Dp will get u/s and visits from now on at two weeks. They are carefully watching for TTs, so checking fetal growth often. We don't complain!BTW, loved the praise dance! I could so see it!

    Now today....we are off to register! How fun! Thanks again girls! You all are the best!
  • Momx2, I had worked the last few days so had not been on the boards, but wanted to say glad to hear that it was not something wrong and just something they have to monitor. I wonder if our mothers and grandmothers worried so much when pregnant with all this technology and information being pregnant can be just down right scary! I will continue to keep you are in my thoughts and prayers that everything continues O.K. I actually had to stop reading What to expect when expecting because everything just made me worry. Dp finally said we have to trust that things are going O.K. until something absolutely indicates differently.

    Glad to hear you have great doctors!

  • I hear you on that Doneen! We have friends that have had a rough road of it and they were just saying the same thing!
    Our faith helps me let go of it when it gets too much, I am a believer in positive thought also.

    WE love our doctors! Feel so blessed about that!
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