official BIG u/s results

It's official we are having twin girls!!!!!!!! Babies measure perfectly and looked healthy. Doc was pleased! They were 8 and 9 ounces!!!!!! Amazing! We saw A drinking and yawning, and B waved to us again! It was soooooooooo sweet!

For all of you ttc, keep the faith. We feel so lucky, it has been a long road...but the result is worth EVERY tear and minute of it. IT DOES happen!!!!!!!!


  • Oh, how precious! Twin girls!!!! Glad to hear that they are doing great and that you got to see them again. I love getting U/S's done to see Reece. We've had lots of them though due to me being high risk...I would assume with twins that you'll have lots too!

    How's Momma feeling?
  • How exciting!!! I imagine it was absolutely wonderful to see them again. Now the fun nursery planning & name decisions can begin!
  • Room and names were already picked out and done...well cribs have not arrived yet but have been purchased. We went very non-gender. We have bougt some very cute girlie outfits for them for next summer though, that was sooooooo fun! It has all been super fun!
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