Anyone use 14231? There are no reported pregnancies yet, but I believe he's not been in the program that long. We're probably going to buy this week before prices go up.

Thanks for any insight!


  • Hi @CarlaF we have a handsome boy by this donor and currently looking for more vials as we don’t have anymore. Did you happen to have any extra you didn’t use?

  • @Tyingfor#2 I’m sorry we only bought 1 vial for ivf! I have a pair of 4 year old girls but no vials or extra embryos. Have you joined the sibling registry? Are you interested in connecting with our sibling group? My girls are the oldest we’ve found and there are 13 other siblings across 10 families, the youngest is just 6 weeks! (But no extra vials in our group, I don’t believe. Another mom was looking last year)

    Anyway, you can email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in joining our private Facebook group, hope to hear from you and I hope you’re able to find the vial you’re looking for!

  • @CarlaF thank you for reaching out! I have thought about it and I plan on joining the sibling registry. I was hoping someone there might have some vials. 🤞🏻🙏🏻 I knew it was a long shot. We just miscarried with our last iui and it was devastating.
    I will email you, yes I would like to join the fb group.

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