Help with Abbreviations

Anyone willing to give the low-down on the Abbreviations being used for us newbies?


  • BFP big fat positive
    BFN big fat negative
    TWW two week wait
    If there are any more you need help with just ask.
    Good Luck
  • Okay so are you ready for this....I copied this off the facebook CCB friends page...It helped me out a lot, hope it helps you guys!

    AAMOF - As A Matter Of Fact
    ACA - Anti-Cardiolopin Antibodies
    ADN - Any Day Now
    AF - Aunt Flo - Menstrual Cycle
    AH,AZH - Assisted Hatching
    AHI - At-home Insemination
    AI - Artificial Insemination
    AIH - Artificial Insemination from Husband
    AKA - Also Known As
    AO - Anovulation
    AOA,AVA - Anti-ovarian Antibody
    ART - Assisted Reproductive Technology
    ATM - At The Moment
    AWOL - A Woman On Lupron

    B4 - Before
    B4N - Before Now
    BA - Baby Aspirin
    BABYDUST - Good wishes vibe for getting pregnant
    BBL - Be Back Later
    BBT - Basal Body Temperature
    BBs - BooBies AKA Breasts
    B/C - Because
    BC - Birth Control
    BCP - Birth Control Pills
    BD - Baby Dance (intercourse)
    BF - BreastFed, BoyFriend
    BFN - Big Fat Negative (Neg Pregnancy Test)
    BFP - Big Fat Positive! (Positive Pregnancy Test)
    BIL - Brother InLaw

    C# - Cycle Number
    CB - Cycle Buddy
    CD - Cycle Day
    CF - Cervical Fluid
    CM - Cervical Mucus
    CP - Cervical Position
    CNM - CertifiedNurseMidwife

    DA - Dear Angel
    DH - Dear Husband
    DP - Dear Partner
    DD - Dear daughter
    DS - Dear Son
    DSD - Dear Step-Daughter
    DSS - Dear Step-Son
    D&C - Dilation & Curettage
    D&E - Dilation & Evacuation
    DPO - Days Post-Ovulation
    DPC - Days Since Last Clomid pill was taken
    DPR - Days Post-Retrieval
    DPT - Days Post-Transfer
    Dx - Diagnosis

    E2 - Estradiol
    EB,EMB - Endometrial Biopsy
    EDD - Estimated Due Date
    ENDO - Endometriosis
    EG - Evil Grin
    EOD - End Of Discussion
    EPO - Evening Primrose Oil
    EPT - Early Pregnancy Test
    ESP - ESPecially
    ET - Embryo Transfer
    EW,EWCM - Eggwhite Cervical Mucus

    FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer
    FHR - Fetal Heart Rate
    FIL - Father in law
    FP - Follicular Phase
    FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormone
    FBOW - For Better Or Worse
    FTTA - Fertile Thoughts To All
    FUR - False Unicorn Root
    FV - Fertile Vibes
    FYA - For Your Amusement
    FYI - For Your Information

    G - Grin
    GAFIA - Get Away From It All
    GAL- Get A Life
    GFY - Good For You
    GG- Gotta Go
    GIFT - Gamete Intra-fallopianTransfer
    GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike
    GnRH - Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone
    GP - General Practitioner

    HAGD - Have A Great Day
    HAND - Have A Nice Day
    hCG,HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
    hMG,HMG - Human Menopausal Gonadotropin
    HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
    HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy
    HSC - Hysteroscopy
    HSG - Hysterosalpingogram
    HTH - Hope That Helps
    HUTH - Hang Up The Horns

    IAC - In Any Case
    IAE - In Any Event
    ICI - Intra-cervical Insemination
    ICSI - Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
    ICBW - I Could Be Wrong
    IDTT - I'll Drink To That
    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
    IM - Instant Message (Instant Messaging)
    IF - Infertility
    IMAO - In My Arrogant Opinion
    IMBO - In My Biased Opinion
    IMCO - In My Considered Opinion
    IME - In My Experience
    IMHO - In My Honest/Humble Opinion
    IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
    IMO - In My Opinion
    INPO - In No Particular Order
    IOW - In Other Words
    IRL - In Real Life
    ITI - Intra-tubal Insemination
    IUI - Intra-uterine Insemination
    IVF - InVitro Fertilization

    JIC - Just In Case
    J/K - Just Kidding
    JMO - Just My Opinion
    JTYWLTK - Just Thought You Would Like To Know

    KISS - Keep It Simple Sweetheart (Stupid)
    KUP - Keep us posted
    KWIM - Know What I Mean

    LAP - Laparoscopy
    LH - Luteinizing Hormone
    LMP - Last Menstrual Period (startdate)
    LMAO - Laughing My Ankles (A**) Off
    LMBO - Laughing My Butt Off
    LO - Love Olympics (sex)
    LOL - Laugh Out Loud
    LP - Luteal Phase
    LPD - Luteal Phase Defect
    LSP - Low Sperm Count
    LUF,LUFS - Luteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome

    MC,m/c - Miscarriage
    MF - MaleFactor
    MIFT - Micro Injection Fallopian Transfer
    MIL - Mother in law
    M/S, MS - Morning Sickness

    NA (N/A) - Not Applicable, Not Appropriate
    NAK - Nursing At Keyboard
    Newbie - New to the Internet or Bulletin Board
    NFP - Natural Family Planning
    NIPing - Nursing In Public
    NMP - Not My Problem
    NP - No Problem
    NPI - No Pun Intended
    NRN - No Reply Necessary
    NT - No Text

    O - Ovulation, Ovulated
    OB - Obstetrician
    OB/GYN - Obstetrician/Gynecologist
    OC - Oral Contraceptives
    OD - Ovulatory Dysfunction
    OHT - One-Handed Typing
    OP - Other Poster/Original Poster
    OIC - Oh I (C) See
    OMG - Oh My God
    OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kit
    OPT - Ovulation Predictor Test
    OT - Off Topic
    OTOH - On The Other Hand
    OTS - Off The Subject
    OTC - Over The Counter

    PPAF - Post-Pardom Aunt Flo
    PCO - Polycystic Ovaries
    PCOD - Polycystic Ovary Disease
    PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    PCP - Primary Care Physician
    PCT - Post Coital Test
    PG - Pregnant
    PID - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    PMS - Pre-menstrual Syndrome
    POAS - Pee on a stick (Home Pregnancy Test)
    PPL - PeoPLe
    PTL - Praise The Lord
    PU - That Stinks

    RE - Reproductive Endocrinologist
    R-FSH - Recombinant Human Follicle Stimulating Hormone
    RI - Reproductive Immunologist
    Rx - Prescription

    SA - Semen Analysis
    SAHD - Stay-At-Home Dad
    SAHM - Stay-At-Home Mom
    SB - Step-Brother
    SBT - Sad But True
    SD - Step-Daughter / Step-Dad
    SFAIAA - So Far As I Am Aware
    SF - Step-Father
    SFMP - Sorry For Multiple Posts
    SHG - Sonohysterogram
    SIL - Sister in law
    SITD - Still In The Dark
    SM - Step-Mom (Mother)
    SNS - Supplemental Nursing System
    SMEP - Sperm Meets Egg Plan
    SS - Step-Son / Step-Sister
    SO - Significant Other
    STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease

    TAFT - That's A Frightening Thought
    TAYL - Talk At You Later
    TCOYF -Taking Care of Your Fertility
    TFIC - Tongue Firmly In Cheek
    THX - Thanks
    TIA- Thanks In Advance
    TIC - Tongue In Cheek
    TIME - Tears In My Eyes
    TMI - Too Much Information
    toh - typing one-handed
    TPTB - The Powers That Be
    TTC - Trying To Conceive
    TTFN - Ta-Ta For Now
    TTYL - Talk To You Later
    TTYS - Talk To You Soon
    TWIMC - To Whom It May Concern
    TWW - Two week wait (also 2WW)
    TY - Thank You
    TYVM - Thank You Very Much
    TR - Tubal Reversal
    Tx - Treatment

    UR - Urologist
    U/S - Ultrasound
    UTI - Urinary Tract Infection

    V - Vasectomy
    VR - Vasectomy Reversal

    WAHD - Work-At-Home-Dad
    WAHM - Work-At-Home-Mom
    WB - Welcome Back
    WFM - Works For Me
    WEG - Wicked Evil Grin
    W/O - WithOut
    WNL - Within Normal Limits
    WOHM - Work Out of Home Mom
    WRT - With Regard To
    WTG - Way To Go
    WTH - What The Heck??
    WU? - What's Up?
    WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

    ZIFT - Zygote Intra-fallopian Transfer
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