Donor 14755

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had success or feedback on donor 14755. I am having a hard time choosing between him and another donor. Thanks very much! Best wishes to everyone.


  • Hello. I have done 2 rounds of IUI with this donor, and no luck yet.
  • Hi! 2 rounds here as well no luck yet.
  • any luck with this donor yet? thinking of using him also
  • Hi! Tried another round and no luck yet. Anyone else?
  • I’m in my 2nd 2ww with this donor.

  • My 2nd IUI with Donor 14755 was successful! I am 13 weeks pregnant with what appears to be a healthy baby! I’d love to connect with other families who have children by this donor.

  • Hello!! BeaBea, I purchased a few vials, I'll be hopefully doing IVF this fall. How is your pregnancy going? Let's keep in touch!

  • So far, so good! I’ll be 31 weeks on Friday. All my ultrasounds have looked good and baby appears to be growing right on track. Good luck with your IVF, agnesanderson! I hope you are successful as I’m pretty sure I won’t be having more kids after this one and I’d love my child to have some donor siblings.

  • Congrats Beabea on your pregnancy. I failed 4 IUIs with this donor however we are in the final stages of IVF with 11 embryos frozen. Would love to stay in touch and share similarities in our kids over the years. Fingers crossed we have an actual pregnancy soon.

  • Good luck, Happymoms! It sounds like you have good odds with 11 embryos!! Wow! I hope to hear some good news soon from you.

  • BeaBea, have you given birth?

    I prepurchased 14755, not starting until 2019 though.

    Please let's stay in touch.
    Email - [email protected]

  • I did! It’s a boy! Born happy and healthy on September 20.

  • Congrats BeaBea on your baby boy! We have 3 boys and 3 girls frozen and waiting. Should be ready by the end of this month.

  • And we will be selling back the rest of our vials next month if any of you need more.

  • Did you already sell them back?

  • I would love to purchase...

  • We sold back the last 2 vials we had. They are still processing the transaction so I’d call and tell them you want to be notified when they become available. Good luck!

  • Happy to report we have a baby girl due in July!

  • Happymoms: congratulations!!! Omg my son is going to have a sister! Where do you live? Are you open to having contact with my boy and I?

  • Are you both still active on this board? I have another sibling.

  • Pom Lover congratulations on your baby. I’m not active on here. I’m concerned it’s not secure enough as anyone can find our thread. If we could find a way to communicate off here, I’m more than happy to stay connected.

  • Have any of you joined the California Cryobank Donor Recipients page on Facebook? I’m joining now and that would be a more secure way to message each other.

  • Pom Lover,

    Pls reach out thru the sibling registry! There are a few of us and we’d love to hear from you. I’m super tech-dumb, so I can’t figure out how to reach you lol.

  • Hi Everyone - looks like my daughter has some donor siblings!!!! Birthday 10/4/2017 :) I am registered on donor sibling registry and part of group on facebook but haven't found the group for 14755 - I will keep trying, I would really love to have a connection with some of you.
    BEST DONOR ever if my daughter is a reflection - she is such a joy!

  • MKPsmom if you are willing to post an email address for me to contact you, I’d love to connect!

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