We Picked our Donor!!

Hi All
Just wanted to share that we picked our donor, the lucky winner is 5575!! He sounds amazing and we are super excited. We placed our order today and the goods are on hold until our June IUI!!

Has anyone else used or heard anything about this donor??


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    I haven't, but I read his profile (plus the attractiveness score you posted) and he sounds pretty impressive. Congratulations!!

    P.S. We're still looking...did you have any runners up since you seem to be good at this? :) We are looking for similar: attractive, high intelligence, some athletic ability.
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    Yup runner up was 11216--his attractiveness rating was a 7. The only thing we didn't like was that he had black hair. I'm a blonde and my partner has light brown hair. He sounded great as well. Check him out!
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    Congrats! That is a big step!
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