Today was my first IUI and I was given a script for Prometrium 200mg - inserted vaginally before bed. I have been doing my research and it appears to be a medication given to those with history of miscarriages (I am a lesbian who required IUI for my very first attempt at pregnancy).

As taking this drug comes with a plethora of not-so-pleasant side effects, I was curious if anyone else (without history of infertility or miscarriage) has been prescribed the medication after their IUI. I am planning a call to my RE tomorrow, but was looking for comments from those who have been there also.

Is this normally given after all IUI's or just for those with infertility issues?


  • well my doctor gave me the same med after my iui and told me to take it for 10day 4 day after my iui so i did she told me that it will protect the line of my uterus during the 1st tri of pregnancy i didnt have any issue with the pills and i didnt get my cycle so Im pregnant
  • our doctor also prescribed the prometrium with no fertility issues. 3 days left of the 2ww and hoping for a BFP
  • I have an 8 year old son (trying for #2!) that I conceived using clomid and IUI. I had to use the vaginal prometrium as well with him. I used them until I was 12 weeks along. This was recommended because I was spotting the entire first trimester. I think I was even using 2 or 3 daily. I just wanted to write and say I had not a single side effect, and he is healthy and beautiful. Good luck!
  • Thanks for all the responses. Our first IUI failed and we had our second insemination today. I am going to take the Prometrium this time around - I opted not to take it last month. Hoping things turn out different this cycle and that the medication will help :-)
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