Trying with 14269

We just had our first IUI with 14269. I did 2 IUIs with another doner but had to switch due to vial availability. I was just wondering if anyone out there is trying with 14269?


  • Hi Jfuse,

    My wife and I are considering this donor.
    How are you doing after your IUI.. Were you successful and mind sharing his counts?
  • Hey SLRH,
    Sorry for the late response. Our first try with this donor was unsuccessful. We took a break and will be trying again with 14269 this month. We did 2 IUIs on the first try. The counts were 11 and 18 million motile sperm. Did you end up trying with this donor?
  • I used donor 14269 and got pregnant with twins
    Did anyone else have any luck?

  • Congratulations Taco!! We had a little boy with 14269. Hoping to try again for a sibling next year. We only have 2 vials left and are hoping to find more in case they don't work.

  • That is so awesome! Sorry I am just now messaging back. I am not very good at managing this site. Have you been notified of any other success stories with 14269?

  • No I haven't heard of any others. We're in the process of trying again for a second baby with 14269. Will you be trying again taco? If not do you happen to have any extra vials?

  • Once again, I wish they would notify me when I get a message lol. We are set with the twin girls from this donor. We did not buy any extra vials. I'm sorry :( good luck to you!!!

  • I am 28 weeks pregnant after using donor 14269. Let me know if anyone wants to connect.

  • I just had a baby using donor 14269!

  • Congratulations! I have a 15 month old from donor 14269 Let me know if you are interested in connecting.

  • Yes, I'd love to connect! My name is Rachel and my email is [email protected]

  • @JFuse and @Taco16 would you like to connect? I have a daughter with 14269.

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