Anyone have strong odor on day of IUI?

I know this is a strange question and maybe my sense of smell is just greater than normal today but I feel like my cm has a strong odor - I notice it sometimes around ovulation and I charted that last month... Today was our 1st IUI and from this afternoon to now (this evening) I feel like it is enhanced 2 - 3 times more than normal.

I also have never been around sperm in the past, so maybe that's what it smells like and maybe the little non swimmers are coming out with my cm? Is that possible?


  • My first IUI I had lots of CM afterwards and it did have a "different" odor. My second IUI, I hardly had any discharge and did not notice a scent. Not really sure. It could be sperm, I suppose - thankfully, I have never been up close & personal with the stuff :-)

    Good luck in your 2WW!
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