Anyone Ovulate cycle after Laproscopy?

Hi. I had laproscopy last Friday. Today, the doctor said that everything looks just fine, and we can do IUI in the next few days IF I have an Lh surge like I have the past few months.

My question to any of you are, After you had a laproscopy, how long did it take for you to ovulate again. I should ovulate Sunday or Monday, but I am concerned that I may not get the Lh surge because of Laproscopy.

I have read different stories that people conceive right after laproscopy, but I don't know if that if common or an exception.

Can anyone tell me their experience with Laproscopy and trying immediately to conceive?




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    My lap was done day 7 of my cycle and everything came back good for me. I did ovulate right on time after my surgery however we didn't do the iui. My last iui was done Feb 6th but unfortunately it failed. I am trying again Mar 9.
    Good luck to you.
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    I conceived my son right after laproscopy :) I was on clomid and actually conceived twins, however one miscarried in the first couple of weeks. Good luck!!
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