Has anyone or know of anyone that has had success with donor #11356?


  • hi my husband and I used donor 11356 for our IVF cycle. we were pregnant with 2 beautiful girls but sadly lost them to incompetent cervix and prematurity. i produced 14 eggs and had 9 fertilized so he has good sperm and we did not use ICSI.
  • Wow! Sorry to hear of your loss and thank you for sharing your personal story. I had an IUI on 04/11/10 and now in the dreaded two week wait. Thanks again for sharing.
  • Pregnant now w/ 11356 after an IVF cycle. Had a good cycle and have embryos in the freezer.
  • @az242 im hoping to begin a mini stim ivf at the beginning of the year and we will be using this donor again. it's funny because i was thinking he lied when he said his look a like was terrell owens but guess what?? my second daughter had features very similar to T.O. lol she had very thick lashes and eyebrows and the same full lips same nose and face/head shape. since she and her sister were very premature im not sure of the skin coloring. nonetheless they were very beautiful children and thats not just mommy talking!! i hope all goes well with your pregnancy and God bless.
  • blessmelord32--

    I hope your mini stim IVF brings you great results! The pregnancy is going well and it is a boy! We will see if he looks like TO. :) Your daughters sound gorgeous, I am so sorry to hear that you lost them. Prayers for you and your cycle.
  • blessmelord32--

    I hope things have gone well with your new cycle. I just wanted to tell you that my son is here and healthy, and he has those same beautiful, thick lashes and brows! He didn't get them from mommy, so I guess the TO thing was real! :)

    God bless.
  • @az242 plesse message me about donor 11356. [email protected]

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