When do you make the big announcement?

I am going for my first IUI mid October. I am so excited but my partner and I decided that we won't say anything until of course we knew we were pregnant. But once we are pregnant, we went back and forth with how long we should wait & who we should tell. But, my biggest concern is my job. No one would expect that a "lesbian" would be pregnant at my job. i am a little nervous, because my company has had 3 women get pregnant within the same year. Any one have some advice?


  • missdayene,

    I am actually going through the same thing right now. Our first IUI attempt will be next week and I'm not sure what and when to tell my boss. I know that I have to be able to able to run to the clinic when my OPK tests positive and all these "appointments" has my boss a little uneasy. I think she thinks I'm inteviewing elsewhere ;-)
    I think I'm going to tell her when I find out I'm pregnant. That way, if I need to take time for doctors appointments and things, she knows why. They can't discriminate just because there were 3 other pregnant women this year...you also have the right to have a child. The lesbian part may leave them scratching their heads (if you are out at work - like me) but that's ok. They don't need all the details :-) good luck!
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