Hey All,
I just ordered the long profile on the donor that I was interested in. I found out that he was a "pot" partier. He has used pot for 7 years. He said that he only used it every other month...but who knows how truthful he is being? I'm not sure if this would harm my future baby or if it's not a big deal because I am drugfree? I would love any advice.....
I also found out that one of his grandparents had parkinson's diesease at age 69. Is that a genetic disease? Please help....I'm confused. I'm not sure if I should just throw him out and pick a new donor or stick with him.


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    LOL. We ruled one out because he'd used LSD before.

    Sperm turns over completely over 45 days, so there's no reason to think it would have any impact on the baby.

    Twin studies show most forms of Parkinson's aren't hereditary, I believe.
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