At Home Insemination

Hi Everyone,

After two failed IUI's with a reproductive endocrinologist, my partner and I have decided to have the vials shipped right to our home and we are going to inseminate ourselves. We are going to purchase 3 vials and inseminate once every twelve hours during my two fertile days. I was hoping to find anyone with advise or some success stories??


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    My husband and I are going to try to inseminate ourselves this cycle too. First time for us as well, so I'm sorry that I don't have any advice. When are your expected fertile days? My should be around the 28th of this month. Good luck and Best wishes!
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    Are you using ICI or IUI?
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    We are using ICI for the home insemination. I ended up losing my job this month. I am on the hunt for a new one as we speak...so baby is on hold for a few months : (

    hopingforababy...good luck to you!
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    We are also using ICI.

    jenhar616 - I hope you find a new job soon. This process seems like a rollercoster as it is, I hate that you have another obstacle ontop of it. Good luck to you too! Let me know when you are back on track. Take care.
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