Donor 11030

I delivered my baby girl 9/9/13 and was just hoping to connect with others who have used this donor.

Thank you!



  • Hello

    Glad to know you have a girl
    I was looking for someone that used the donor 11030 had reported pregnancy and found your post. I tell you I did my first iui with the same donor but was negative and very sad. I'm waiting for my second iui pray that this time got my positive.
  • Hi maggy15,

    I hope all is well with your journey. Did you end up having a baby with this donor? My little girl is now a little over 2 years old and just hoping to connect with with others.

  • Hello Stephanie

    Im very happy im pregnant,almost 4 month.
  • Hi Maggie!

    Just wanted to check in and see how your pregnancy was and how your baby is 😁

  • I’m purchasing with this donor and I am nervous about getting pregnant. I’m using IVF and praying I only have to do this once because I heard that it’s painful. I’m purchasing two vials because that’s all we can afford is two rounds. Do you all have any suggestions? Did you all go to like acupuncture or something. I’ve googled a lot I’m sorry I just really want a baby :(

  • Btw congratulations on both of your babies..I pray I have a baby girl also @Stephanie82! @maggy15 did you have boy or girl ?

  • @Babykisses i wish you luck in your IVF journey. I did IVF four times and IUIs 3 time so I know the pains. I didn't do anything special during the process other than just trying to stay relaxed and stress free (easier said than done). The pain isn't terrible. You get used to the shots and the retrieval you are asleep for. You will have discomfort but it really is worth it.
    My daughter is almost 7 and so smart and healthy. She is the funniest little girl ever. This donor made me an amazing little girl. The resemblance between her and my husband is uncanny. Nobody in my family knows we used a donor and you literally can't tell. They are identical. Good luck and please keep me updated 💜💜

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