Chicken Pox

Hey All,
I have never had the chicken pox, so I was sure that I must of built up some sort of antibody to it. But, they told me that I hadn't & I need to have the shot. The bad part is that it's going to hold me up for 2 or 3 months. I want the best for my child, but I am bummed to have to wait that long until I can try the IUI. Anyone else have a simmilar situation?


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    Hi Heather, I did have a similar situation, only mine was I had no antibodies to measles. I had to get a MMR immunization which is also a live virus, meaning I had to wait a few months. It is frustrating when you finally make the choice to do this and then finally choose a donor only to be told now you have to wait. Good luck, hang in there!
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    Hey Rachel, Thanks for the support.
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