Donor 11423

I had my first IUI last friday using this donor. Has anyone else choosen this donor? Success?


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    Please let me know if your IUI is successfull and I hope it is. I just had my 5th cycle cancelled after taking over $1OO0 in meds because I did not respond as well as they had hoped. Anyway, I would like to use the same donor you are and wionder if you had success. Good luck I know the 2WW can be a bear.

    Best of luck to you for a BFP!
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    Im sorry to read your post. Keep postive, and dont give up! The information I was given on this donor was that he has had pregnancies, less than 5. Kinda vague I know, thats why I was hoping to get more info. When I went in for my IUI my Doc and his nurse were very impressed with the specimen, they even showed it under the scope to my husband and myself. Amazing! Im keeping my fingers crossed, since my IUI i have had all the symptoms of AF. I didnt use any meds. I will keep you posted, thank you and best of luck to you too!
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    hill@netnitco.net- My IUI was successful with this donor. Good Luck to you, much baby dust your way!
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    vhermes, Congratulations!

    Since you were not on meds, how did you time your IUI? I got pregnant with my daughter on an unmedicated cycle, and we will be trying for Baby #2 next month, so I am always curious as to how others time their IUIs when successful.

    A happy and healthy nine months to you!
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    AWESOME...Congratulations vhermes!!
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    mrandmrswhite- I timed my ovulation by: my cycle is 28 days, i started testing using the digital ovulation test on day 12 (counting day 1 first day of my period), on day 13 i got my happy face early am and at 1:30 that same afternoon I went in for the IUI.

    Feb 8- started period
    Feb 20- positive ovulation AM and IUI PM
    Mar 3- blood test- progesterone level 37
    Mar 5- 5 positive preg tests

    I didnt use any meds, i just maintained my normal daily routine, except i stopped drinking all caffiene and alcohol.

    Good Luck!

    Jess42257 and chaveece, Thank you!
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    vhermes, that is great! That is basically how I timed my IUIs when I got pregnant with my daughter, except I was testing multiple times per day. I got a positive in the evening on Day 13 (after previously negative tests earlier in the day), so I had IUIs on Days 14 and 15. Were you testing once a day or more than once a day?
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    I tested only in the AM. My IUI was done in the afternoon it happen to be a Friday and his office is closed on the weekends, I could have waited til Monday but I went with my gut feeling. Im happy I did, I think Monday would have been to late for me.
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    Hi... Im using this donor .... im doing IVF and we do our transfer this thursday..Im sooo excited!!!
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    Hello All!
    I will have my second IUI with this donor tomorrow and again the following day. Let's hope all goes well!!
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    anyone have extra vials they'd sell for donor 11423??? There aren't anymore available to purchase and I want to use him for my IUI this month
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