Our final three IUIs. Follow my blog on male infertility

Hi all,

My husband was diagnosed with male infertility, and we've been doing IUIs with donor sperm. We tried IVF once when the IUIs didn't work. We used his sperm, but all of our embryos died at day 5.

We've almost given up, but we have 3 vials of donor sperm left. I had an IUI last Friday (1/9) using our 7th vial. I'm so much more positive about this one. We switched doctors and are using injectables. However, the last couple of years were so challenging that we decided not to tell anyone about these IUIs, so I started a blog. I'd love the support.

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  • Here to support. My husband had testicular cancer and we moved from ivf with his to iui now with a donor . Hoping for good luck and wishing baby dust for you too!!

  • How long did you guys try? How did you find out about the infertility?

    It was heartbreaking for us for a few years before we decided to get help.

  • My husband was diagnosed with infertility 2 years ago. We started trying iui’s with donor 1 year ago. 5 iui’s later and still no luck. Currently working on our 6th.
    Don’t lose faith

  • Tried checking out the blog but the site isn't loading for me :/ would love to check it out and see how you guys have been handling everything! I'm keeping a journal to later look over with our hopefully future child. We tried for a year before my husband learned he had a 0 sperm count because of effects from childhood cancer.

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