It's a Girl Donor 11033

I found out today at my 19 week ultrasound that I am having a girl! She was so active during the ultrsaound.


  • Yeah! That's great news! We're having a little girl too! How are you feeling?
  • MistyandCarla,

    I am feeling great! The first few months were hard with morning sickness but now I feel great! We are starting to feel her move and cant wait for her arrival!

    Do you have any names picked out? We are naming her Sophia Anarose. The middle name is for my grandma who passed. Her name was Ana and she loved Roses.

    Thanks for asking about us!
  • Hi AnJ: Not MaC but her little one's name is Reece... still waiting to know what her middle one will be!! :-)

    I hope to be going you guys next month... had to correct a lot of stuff... but good to go now!!
  • Good grief... we need DELETE on these forums!! I meant to say I hope to be JOINING you GALS next month!! :-)
  • Hello...yes, ualtigger is right. Her name is Reece. We're still thinking on a middle name. We have it narrowed down to a few...Kennedy, Cadance (or Kadance)or Cassidy. Nothing set in stone yet. :)
  • I love the name Reece! I like Kennedy for the middle name! LOL, ualtigger, we do need delete! I knew what you meant though!
  • Delete... edit... something... spell check... anything to correct mistakes BEFORE we post!! :)
  • Girls, I just thought of another middle name...Carly...after Carla...what do you think? Reece Carly Richmond??????
  • I love Reece Carly Richmond or Reece Cassidy Richmond.

    Very nice selection...I might need to consult with you when we are looking at middle names.
  • Hmm... I'm into double middle names... might be because I have two... how about Reece Carly Kennedy Richnmond?

    Already have mine picked out:
    Robert Mark Alexander & Jordyn Roberta Alexis
    since it appears, if these quizzes are to be believed, that I WILL be having one of each my first time!!
  • Here we go needing that spell check again!!
    Reece Carly Kennedy Richmond... there, got it right!! :)
  • Sorry to be a but-in-sky, but just had a few minutes & was perusing the threads...

    I love Reece Carly! Especially since it would give her the name of your DP! I am definitaly sold on that one!

    Best wishes!
  • yikes... typos!!! I agree we need the delete (or edit) button!
  • kimi: Ur not... mama's asking ALL of us for help!! :)
  • Thanks girls...picking names are harder than I imagined it would be! I hope we make a final decision soon! of our friends little girls name is Jordyn! She was an IUI baby too, but she's 5 years old now! I love her name spelled like that!
  • I always wanted a daughter named Jordyn but I didn't want the boys spelling of JordAn... so I went to the baby name finder... sure enough, there it was, female gender ONLY.

    Okay here's my breakdown:
    Robert: for my Mom.
    Mark: that crazy man in my life.
    Alexander: for me and my dad, Alex, who is no longer with me.

    Jordyn: Just like it!!
    Roberta: my Mom's name.
    Alexis: My name and part of my dad's.

    I like giving people names that mean something to YOU... and I'm still voting for Reece Carly Kennedy Richmond!! :)
  • congratulations on the baby girl!!! im so excited for you!!!
    sorry it's been awhile since i've been on....we ended up having an ectopic and needed surgery to remove that sucked..but we are planning to get back into it in september...we have 1 more vial of 11033 in storage.

    as for names we have decided on

    alexandra grace and/or
    austin jacob
  • Oh Virgo, I am sooo sorry! I love the name Alexandra for a girl. Austin is a very cute name too!. I hope September is a better month for you. It is devestating to lose a child, no matter how far along you are. Take care of yourself.

  • virgo...I'm sorry, dear. Word can't ease the pain, but just know that we're hear if you need us. I love the names too!
  • Awwwee so sorry to hear that virgo...hope everything goes well from now on for you two. Love the names as well!!!

    Lori and I have had the name Zyah picked out for awhile now and we just recently came up with his or her middle name. We decided to use a combination of our two older boys names (Kyle and Matt) sooo if its a boy then his name would be Zyah MaKylo and if its a girl Zyah Makylee...

    And if we have twins, Im not sure what we are gonna go...LOL
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