Ok, so let me start by saying I am aware this is is not a infertility site. But to be honest, I trust this site, I am comfortable writing here and I trust everyones feedback. Sooooo, I am done with IUI and moving to IVF. I am in the middle of a clomid challenge test and if it looks ok, I am going to use if for a last attempt at IUI. Is there anyone else that is considering IVF, or have already gone through it? I am nervous.


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    Hi Sunshine!

    My partner & I are currently starting my IVF meds to hopefully do egg retrival & transfer the end of March...Keeping my fingers crossed it works!

    We haven't did any IUI's because my RE recommended we just go ahead and have a better chance with IVF since we have some insurance coverage.

    I am all new to this and really don't know what is going on, just going with the flow and following my calendar!!!

    The nerves subside for awhile, but trying to get pregnant and have our miracle baby is stressful...I am keeping the best outlook and praying for the best!

    Good Luck...Let me know how it goes!
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    Hi there!

    I have kind of an atypical story, because we did four unmedicated IUIs, one IVF, and then went back to unmedicated IUI and got pregnant on the first try. It is a very long story, but basically after the fourth IUI we decided to do IVF so that my husband could have a testicular biopsy, and we had donor sperm to use as backup. No sperm were found from my husband's biopsy, so we did fertilize my eggs with donor sperm. I did not get pregnant from doing IVF. However, my cycle was not ideal. I overresponded to the medication and had to have my FSH dosage lowered significantly mid-cycle, which can negatively impact egg quality. Also, I produced 32 eggs, and producing an excessive amount of eggs can also diminish the quality. Ultimately our doctor felt that, for whatever reason, the donor we had used for the first four IUIs and the IVF cycle might just not be a good "fit" for me (at the time of the IVF I was only 24 and a textbook example of a normal, fertile woman). So, we picked a new donor and did IUI on my natural cycle, and got pregnant right away. Our daughter is now 17 months old. I can't explain why things worked so quickly with our second donor, when we tried and failed many times with the first donor. He was very popular and is responsible for many pregnancies, according to the donor sibling registry. I think it was just meant to be that our daughter was conceived when and how she was, and she was definitely worth the wait.

    IVF is time consuming and can be emotionally draining. I highly suggest doing acupuncture. Not only can it help increase fertility, but it is very relaxing. Possibly also try massage and meditation or prayer, based on your beliefs and what you are comfortable with. I hope all goes well for you!
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    Thank you for letting me know I am not alone! Lesleyamanda, I wish you luck and lots of follicles! You are lucky you have some coverage.

    mrandmrswhite@gmail.com, thank you for your story. Funny you write about accupuncture, I just was looking into that this week and think I will give it a try.
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    We have just started our second ivf cycle. First one failed in December. We were heart broken.The docs were too, they said she responded perfectly...but no bfp. But after 13 IUI's between us and now a failed ivf we are calmer this time. I will say that we tried to keep our calendars open so that we could more easily go with the flow.
    Dp is doing acup with cycle an we are hoping it helps. We have heard great things about it. Good luck!
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    You will be fine I tried clomid it was not sucessful then I did IVF. I have a baby girl about to turn 4 thanks to donor 3551. My bigest concern was having multiples perhaps being a lady of a certain age I was blessed with just one. Not that there is anything wrong with multiples, but I would prefer one at a time. I now have two.
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