My 6th IUI failed...

I just found out that my 6th IUI has failed. This is really begining to test my hopes and strengths. I did 5 on clomid, then had a laparoscopy (found nothing)....did my 6th with clomid...and now I am just feeling lost on what to do. i got the hcg trigger shot everytime and all were double iui's. My doctor gave me another prescription for clomid for try #7 now.
Any advice out there? My donor is 11437. Thank you for any advice or simply words of encouragement.


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    Have you considered a monitored cycle with injectibles? After 3 cycles I approached my RE and he said as long as it is affordable since my ins does not cover meds I could proceed. Clomid is only like what 20-40 depending on the strength and injectibles can be 50-250 per day. Once they are monitored my RE said one IUI is reasonable so since I was saving the cose of one vial I went ahead with it. I use caremark.

    Good luck. I am on my 5th IUI CD 6 and know the devestation that comes with failed cycles.

    Take care of yourself.
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    Hang in there! Have you asked your Dr about how many cycles of clomid before moving to injectables? I don't know your age, but I am 34 and have been to 2 RE's and both said 3 cycles of anything (natural, clomid, injectables) and it is time to move up the ladder if you do not get pregnant. I am doing #7 this month too, hopefully this weekend if everything looks ok.
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    I've never considered injectables, I guess I should read up and find out exactly what injectables are. When I asked the dr. about continuing clomid, he said he would go 6 more times. I questioned the effectiveness and safety for taking it more than the 6 cycles already taken and he gave me some printed documentation backing up his decision for me.
    I'm 28 with pcos, other than that, they've never found any reason why I shouldn't conceive.
    Thank you all for your advice and I wish you luck too.
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    You should do more research by searching google by typing PCOS and IUI. You will see many threads mentioning about many successful pregnancy related to PCOS and IUI.

    In my opinion, I believe that you need to change to the new path. After 6 cycles with Clomid, it is enough, this is the time to move on to try new things.

    Sunshine3313, IVF is my last choice, b/c it is so expensive. I'm more like Clomid IUI, then injectables IUI with more suitable for my financial budget.
    God Bless Us All.
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    I am 28 and I also have PCOS. I have the worst case of PCOS I never get a period without taking Birth Control Pills or provera. I actually conceived a few years ago with injectables and timed intercourse with triplets so it can work. I lost two of them at four months and had a daughter but she passed away six days later after she was born. But I would try injectables for sure it is much stronger then clomid. I never could ovulate off of clomid.
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    Your story is striking to me. I actually read a similiar story related to PCOS on the some thread through google, but with the happy ending, the couple failed many clomids IUI, lost the twin after 6months, but finally get pregnant after severy tries of IUI.

    I pray for us all through this Journey. You are young and at least you are still able to get pregnant again and again. I strongly believe that one day, your dream will come true. You will have healthy babies.

    After the 2nd failed IUI- clomid 50mg, at age 40 which everything seems to be on time, my body responds perfectly with many eggs. I beleive that prenancy is on God Hand, we just do our best, and let God make our faith.

    So I learn to do IUI in the new way. Instead of putting all my attention, heartful wishes, emotion, into every cycle, I learn to do things well as need with the best, and leave it aside to do some thing else in life.

    I understand how we've been feeling hurt badly for each failure. To release the despair, we need to learn to let go when the time comes.
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    I would strongly suggest finding another doctor. I do not have PCOS, but when I asked my doctor if I could try Clomid to "up the odds" she would NOT do it because of the negative side effects that can actually lead to infertility. Even in patients that she does prescribe Clomid, she will allow them to do no more than six cycles total and usually no more than four. I got pregnant with my daughter on a natural cycle, but we now have limited vials to try for Baby #2 because our donor retired, so if I don't get pregnant after two natural cycle IUIs we are going straight to either an injectible cycle IUI or IVF.

    Best of luck to you.
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    Thank you to everybody who has responded on here. My heart goes out to all of you and your families. I just did my 7th IUI on tuesday and wednesday. My doctor talked me into one last cycle with clomid, so that's what I did. If this cycle doesn't work then we will move to injections next cycle. I trust my doctor, he has the "miracle hands of hawaii"...at least that is what everyone on this island says.
    Now I am just waiting.
    Best of luck to you all and thank you again for your support. My husband is currently deployed and this has all been a little overwhelming.
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