Houston Area OBGYN?


We're from Houston and just starting the process - planning to inseminate in September.
We are in Sugar Land and have had a OBGYN located in Humble/Kingwood area recommended to us, however, that's quite a trek.
Does anyone have any recommendations (obviously GLBT friendly) in the Houston area?


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    Our doctor is Sara Andrews in Katy http://www.premierobgyn.net/locations-and-contact-information.html She is great!!!! She is very GLBT. It takes atleast a couple of months to get in as a new patient, so I would try to get an appointment now. We arent pregnant yet, but hopefully by this time next month we will be. Good Luck and take care. Let me know if you have any questions about her.
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    Just a suggestion after 6 unsuccessful tries with our Ob/Gyn, we switched to a Reproductive Endocronologist and had 1 unsuccessful IUI in early March and we just found out we are pregnant yesterday from the IUI #2 with the RE. She is awesome, her staff is great, she has two offices, one in Katy and the other is in Sugar Land on Town Center Blvd, she is great. She sits with you and your partner on the 1st visit and takes you through the options(well worth the copay) and she does not rush you, she wants to be sure that all of your questions are answered, she covers meds, injectibles, IUI, IVF, etc. She has been on several local tv shows and people travel from around the country to see her. Her website has all of this information and publications, it is www.drkristiansen.com and the office number is (713) 862-6181. I wish someone had told me back in August to go straight to an RE (Reproductive Endocronologist)!!! Good luck to you and your partner as you start this process. Check out a few dr.s though and make sure you feel comfortable with them. Let me know if you have any other questions, unfortunately many of us become pros in IUIs. But it was worth it all!!!

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    Thank you both for the great information. Another question of mine was inadvertently answered as well - that being the abbreviation "RE." Who knew there was so much vocabulary that comes along with all of this.

    This board is a such a wonderful place to share stories and information. I'll continue to around with questions and hopefully success stories in the near future.
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