Trigger Shot Question...

I went in for an ultrasound today. I had 3 follicles.... one was 13, 14, & 21. They told me to use the trigger shot tomorrow (wed) at 8:30am & do the IUI Thursday at 8:00am. Shouldn't I do the trigger shot tonight (tues) at 8:00pm? I'm a little confused... I thought the eggs were released at 36 hours after surge with the trigger shot?


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    I believe that it need to be from 24 - 36 hours after trigger shot. However, for single IUI, the norm is 36 hrs.

    So I believe that you should have trigger shot tonight at 11pm or 12pm, then to Thurs 8 am, it will be 33/or 32 hours. It will be not too early and not too late.

    For me, I still do ovulation test until Thurs appt with my doc. I may ovulate on my own at this route, but can be changed when meeting with my Doc on Thurs. I don't have any problem to use trigger shot, but I may already ovulate on Thurs (my due date for ovulation).

    Cross the fingers for us All. Wish us all best Luck.
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    My RE says the same as hannaha, 24-36 hours after trigger is a single IUI. They say it gives a little time for the sperm to make their way down the fallopian tube, so when it is released the sperm is right there waiting for it.
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