AT Home Insemination

Has anybody tried At-Home insemination? If so with either ICI/IUI and what concept? Me and my partner I going to try in Mid-August.


  • Hey there... We are doing at home ICI and will be having our 3rd attempt this week! It's hard sometimes to get feedback on home ICI's, so I've sone a lot of searching myself.

    Two really great info boards (I tried here, but didn't get much "home" feedback) at the California Cryobank FACEBOOK page at ask to join and there's a lot a great info/chat there.

    Also really great has been
    This link has helped a lot with info :)

    If you have questions you can email me at [email protected]. Oh, also the book: The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians.

  • When doing an ICI or IUI insemination who signs the Release Authorization form? Your doctor signs it but have it sent home and you do it yourself??
  • Hi there!

    I had a local midwife sign off on the authorization form for me. Midwives tend to be more flexible (I wasn't even a patient..we just went in for a meeting and asked if she'd sign off on it. She's had to sign 3 already!) and she's really supportive with us doing it at home (whereas it seems most docs want a hand in it, even if you're doing ICI...) When I called to order, I just gave CCB my home address and only once did they say anything and I just told them my midwife asked me to have it delivered to my home so it seems it's a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy regarding the delivery/method.

    The midwife also hooked us up with a speculum and syringe for the semen. The first 2 attempts we used the spec...the last time we just stuck the syringe in there.

    Good luck to everyone! :)
  • Hi fairiesandmermaids,

    If when I am ready to have my home ICI insem what would be first- do I first call to have the vials sent to me or do I first fax them the release authorization form? Does CCB call to verify with the doctor's office/midwife or whomever is performing the insemination? Thanks!
  • We tried several at home insem. without any luck, but CCB requires the release form which is good for one year and then when you order it can be shipped anywhere of course including you home address. CCB does not call and verify who is performing the insems so no worries there. Another chat board that has a lot of women who try at home first NW Andrology chat boards. I learned alot from this board.
  • Thanks Doreen for clearing that up! I hope you have success with your next insem.
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