Hi friends,

I'm D12piui (my first IUI) and am going a little nuts towards the end of the 2ww! I broke down and took a HPT last night (I know you're supposed to test in the morning, but the test I got from a friend said you could do a random sample as long as you didn't pee for 4 hours--oh my!). It was negative but I was wondering when everyone else usually starts testing. I got a few of the early-pregnancy-tests.com from a friend but may need to pick up another brand as well (depends on how neurotic I am in the next week)! Any brand recommendations?

I've had sore boobs and an atomic protruding nipple (just one!) since d3piui.

We used Donor 11481; the swimmers had great numbers (21.9 million, score of 4 out of 4 on the motility scale: very vigorous!). My partner got to "push the plunger," which was fun since she felt involved in the baby-making process.

Overall, I've had a pretty good experience at the infertility clinic, except for a few instances of homophobia/insensitivity. The main one was in a consultation with a doc who said I had to be tested for all of the STDs under the sun. I told him the odds were practically nil since I had never slept with a man, and neither had my partner. He said, "Oh, sometimes in this situation, people lie about their sexual history, so we have to test you anyway." If he had said something like, "These are routine tests for the health of the baby," it would have been fine.

Good luck to all and I've been enjoying reading everyone's stories so far!



  • Good luck and when we were doing IUI's we started with FR tests about now too.

    Oh and if it makes you feel better, our clinic makes both partners get tested for everything! I started ttc three years ago, dp started a two years ago, when it was time for her IVF...I had to be tested AGAIN! They have a three year thing...I guess. I was like I am not the one getting pg are you for real...on one hand it felt like we were any other couple there...on another I was mad about forking over another 400.00 to find out AGAIN that I did not have aids. and so many other STD's. Otherwise our clinic has been more that nice to us and treated us with nothing but respect and kindness. If you feel uncomfortable at all, you should look elsewhere.
    I hope you are posting your bfp soon!

  • Thanks for the kind words, Melanie!

    That is crazy that they made you get tested for all the STDs twice! Unbelievable!

    I had my second BFN this morning (day 13). We'll see!
  • It's never over until AF rears her ugly face! I've seen on other posts where girls didn't get the BFP until 14, 15, 16 and even 17 dpuiu. It really depends on how normal your cycle is.

    Baby dust!
  • We have had a really good experience with our RE concerning our sexuality. They treat us like any normal couple with infertility problems. They act like they are in the same boat with us through the whole struggle. We didn't get tested for any STDs past my normal pap. We are very happy with our doctor and everyone in the office, it makes trying for a year & a half just a little easier. Hope you get your BFP soon!
  • Day 14: another BFN

    Still no sign of AF and my BBT remains elevated, so I'm still hopeful! My luteal phase is typically 16 days, not sure if that has anything to do with how long it takes to get a BFP. (Or if it's just that AF isn't scheduled to appear for another few days.)
  • Yes, your temp is still up...that's a great sign! No AF - No AF - No AF!!!!!!!!

    Are you having other symptoms?
  • Well, AF reared her ugly head today, so we'll try again at the end of the month!
  • I'm so sorry caliseastar. I really hope that this next one is the one for you!
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