Hello Everyone!!!
My partner and I had decided to bring a beautiful child to our life. She is 27 and I am 23 years old. We already went through all the steps and tests. Now we only need to do the insemination. The doctor said my chances are higher due to my age and because I do not have any problems that will stop me from getting pregnant. We are praying that it works in the first try next month. I am very nervous. We really want this to work, even better if we are blessed with Twins (my mother is a twin). We are completely aware of the risks. I am following my ovluation with basal chart and the CLear Blue digital ovulation kit. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for us and if anybody had any experiences with the following donors:

11680 -->our favorite but no more vials :-(
11446 *****
11089 ****
03800 ***
11463 ***
14485 ***



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    Hello and welcome to the craziness, aka trying to conceive. :) You are about to embark on a very emotional and nerve racking journey...complete with ups and downs and sad times and happy times. In the end, we all hope to fulfill our dreams of holding a precious baby in our arms. Good luck.

    I happened to be one of the lucky ones and got pregnant on our first try. I was worried because I am 35 years old. (DP is 33) But, by the grace of God, we conceived and are now 8 weeks and 4 days along. We see our OB for the first time on Thursday. As excited as we are to see our little one on an ultrasound, we are more nervous that something could go wrong. I think it's a fear that we all go through and that fear doesn't leave until after the birth of the baby.

    Anyways, I can't say that these things helped me to get pregnant, but here's some things I did.

    ~ Took Mucinex from CD1 to day one of ovulation to thicken cervical mucus.

    ~ Took 81 mg. of baby aspirin every day until the day of insemination to thicken the uterine lining.

    ~ Ate raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and/or blackberries every day. Do a search on the impact of berries and fertility...you'll see how good they are when trying to conceive. (TTC)

    ~ Ate Flax Seed and Almonds every day for the Omega 3's.

    ~ Drank one glass of milk every day for the calcium and protein.

    ~ Took folic acid and prenatal vitamin beginning 3 months prior to TTC.

    ~ Stopped consuming caffeine 3 months prior to TTC.

    As for the donors, I didn't use any from this site. I used one from the bank that's connected to our RE's office. I really liked several of the donor's from here, but was concerned about the shipping, etc. It just gave us a piece of mind to know that our sample was already waiting for us at our RE's office.

    Also, as for the timing of our IUI...I ovulated at 12:15pm on a Friday and we had our IUI at 9am on Saturday. I would suggest that you test for ovulation several times a day to insure that you don't miss it. I was not ovulating that morning when I left for work, but was ovulating at noon. So we caught our ovulation very early. And, we used the digital OPK's because it takes the guesswork out of knowing if it's positive.

    Gee, I never intended on responding with such a lengthy reply. Sorry.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Misty and Carla
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    CORRECTION: When I talk about the Mucinex...I meant to say that it thins the cervical mucous...NOT thickens it.
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    Thank you for the information provided Misty and Carla. I am sure going to try some of the stuff that I wasn't trying yet. I hope everything goes well for you guys. I bet it will be very exciting to see your baby. I can't wait til I have the blessing of carrying a baby so we be able to see the little one. GOOD LUCK and congratulations!

    BY the way we might go with donor 11331
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    I just wanted to follow up on this post since you girls just got your BFP. For those reading this that are still trying to conceive, they may wonder if you followed any of the suggestions above? Did you do anything that's not listed?

    FYI...for those that don't know...Carmenroche is now Jaymilly. :)

    Again, congratulations and enjoy every second of your pregnancy!
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