Psych Eval

I have to get a psych eval over the phone that cost $200!!! What I want to know is what about the guy who evaluated Octomom!!! He was having a bad day, huh?!?


  • Hi,
    Just curious what procedure are you having ? Why the psych eval ? Good luck !
  • I am doing a Timed IUI. It's my first try!! But the clinic that I am going through said it is mandatory that I have this done...
  • I didn't have to do that at my clinic. Maybe you should shop around.
  • I had to do that also... I think they just want to make sure you're doing this because you want to. Perhaps they're trying to prevent another octomom!!
  • My doctor is making me do this as well. He comes very highly recommended, and I really like him. So, I'll go do it. Mine is $150/hr. But I go in person. We shall see how it goes.
  • I guess I'm lucky concerning this... all I had to do was go and see her... wasn't charged anything for the visit.
  • They require the psych eval where I live because the state doesn't recognize our relationship in any way shape or form. I had to sign a legal document stating I was a single woman and knew what I was getting myself into. Because I'm "single" I have to go see the shrink.

    I find it rather offensive because I don't consider myself single. But I'm not mad at the doctor or the shrink - rather the process. But that being said, I don't harbor any ill feelings. I just wish our relationship was recognized to make it a little more fair. But you can't really argue with reality, so I'll cough up my $150. I figure I can write it off on taxes anyway. Pow! That THAT Uncle Sam!
  • Me too, had to do the psych eval with my partner. I was perturbed by it, i mean, its not like we just decided to spend thousands of dollars and bring another person into the universe without giving it the weight it deserves.

    It was mandatory for BOTH of us. And it was really stupid, they asked so many personal questions and it was all about digging into my personal history.

    Whats scary is that people must make this decision lightly or else this wouldn't have been required.

    Waste of money for us, but required. So we smiled real pretty and tried to suppress the irritation at dropping the $200.
  • What did they ask you????? I'm so curious, because I am going Friday and it's weighing on my mind. My partner isn't going and doesn't need to. Who even knows if they would allow her.

    I can smile real pretty. lol I am just curious what they ask so I can mentally prep myself.

    Who the hell just does this willy nilly? That's insane! Geeez. The only thing I could think was that my doctor told me it's also required for egg donors. So maybe they want you to be ok with the whole getting a "stranger's sperm" and/or "giving your egg to a stranger."

    Details, catchavez!! Spill 'em!!! :)
  • interesting!! I have never heard of such a thing and I come from the biggest anti lesbian state there is (Utah if ya didnt know) I had to do a ton of blood work for every STD known to man but thats it!!!
  • I know they asked me a lot of personal questions as well: why do you want to do this (DUH!! I want kids of my own... why ELSE would I do this??), have you considered what you'll tell your child about their father (that dad lives in California... the cryobank, get it? But I don't know his whereabouts... which we don't!!), why did you have me (cause I WANTED YOU!!) and so on...
  • Woohoo!! Some lady over the phone said I was SANE!! All systems a GO! I go in for my CD10 tomorrow (mothers day) and start my OPK's right after that, im assuming!! I just got an email that said my shipment has arrived to my baby's just sitting there waiting for me to come get her!!
  • azyogini,
    Sorry I didn't respond sooner!! Unfortunately, my mother in law passed away and I have been OFF the radar and not on the boards or anything-its been way stressful.

    Didn't mean to leave you hanging, and I know you already had your psych eval. But to answer your questions. They asked me several different things, the evaluation was an hour long.

    Attendance by both of us was mandatory. They also told us that ANY client receiving donor egg OR sperm was required to get this eval.

    We started out by talking about ourselves, they wanted to know, how we met, how long we'd been together, if our families were supportive, if they knew we wanted children...if they knew we were trying....what we would tell them (our future child/children) about their conceptions etc...they gave us lots of pamplets on that. I was okay with some of those type of questions as far as how to deal with offspring of donor material etc.

    But what I didn;t like were these questions:
    Have you ever been molested....abused physically or mentally....taken antidepressants...tried to commit suicide...were/are my parents alcoholics...have i ever tried drugs, if so what kind, do I know, stuff I would never just disclose to someone I didn't completely know. I felt a little offended by some of the questions, but I just smiled and acted like i wasn't fully annoyed. I mean, what are they worried about? I was offended because it was as if my "lifestyle" or upbringing was on trial. I was actually afraid I'd have a big file that they would stamp "REJECTED" on.

    But seriously, I told them that my partner and I, after ten years, had definately mulled this decision over (many times) and didn;t come to it without regard for every aspect of knowing we're responsible for this little person's life. I mean, we know how important it is. They weren't even friendly, I tried to crack a joke at the end and asked if we had "passed" and they looked at me like I was nuts.

    At least all the nursing staff and my Doctor are amazing and nothing like those shrinks they have on staff.

    Anyway.....I'd love to hear all about your evaluation! Do tell me how it went for you.
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