Sandigumpert - can you share more on the twins?

Hi - I read one of your posts that you're having twins and they is a couple of days difference... I'm so interested to know, how can they tell that? Where you on clomid? Thanks for sharing your story, would love to hear more! We have our first iui either Nov. 18 or 19 and was on 100 mg of clomid on day 5-9. Congratulations!


  • Hey Shannon,
    I'll be happy to share. I just want to share that sometimes I answer this post and sometimes my wife does - she likes to post and chat more than I do. Anyway. We tried the chlomid 50's the first month and it just didn't work with my body so the Dr decided that instead of bumping my dose and wasting $$'s and time that she would flip me to menapur the next month - I responded perfectly and we continued on scheduled shots and weekly ultrasounds and blood work until the eggs were perfect and then she kicked me off with an HCG trigger shot. We anticpated 3 eggs at that point and went for the IUI 72 hours later. The first day of my last cycle was Sept 22nd and we went for IUI on Oct 13th. When we went for the heartbeat they had trouble locating one, but they found it. It appears that one actually fertilized a day later due to the slower heartbeat and the size. The spermies live for up to 72 hours and some just took longer to find an egg compared to the other. The doctor said this is perfectly normal and they said that all 3 of us are in perfect health! Good Luck. Sandi
  • Sandi- Thank you

    It sounds like you have a super supportive and determined doctor. I like the approach and I'm very much a do it right the first time (or in as few tries as possible) type of person. So they were actually able to tell how many eggs you were going to produce before the IUI... That's interesting. My ultrasound on day 8 showed a follicle at 18.4mm so we're excited about that

    We're on day 13 now waiting for the OPK to turn, then we'll do IUI 24 hours later. Vial arrived today so that's exciting! Just wondering if you happen to have any cysts in your ovary and if so, does that play a role in the spermies finding the egg?

    Wow, hearing the heartbeat - I bet that is awesome! Best of luck to you and your partner!
  • Hey,
    Good Luck. I was lucky and did not have any cycts. I didn't do the at home test for ovulation - I basically went to the dr every few days when they thought I was getting close and gave blood. Each afternoon they would call me and tell me how to administer my meds. We were lucky in that my wife was able to give me the shots nightly and they allowed her to come and participate as often as possible with the ultra sounds...... When we did the ultrasounds we were able to watch 3 follicles grow and they made the assumption that my body would release more than 1 and up to 3 - hence the twins :) One of the reasons for the extra dr visits was that my cycle tends to run really long - like a 33 day cycle. At one point they gave me a shot to prevent premature ovulation to allow proper development and fertile ground for the swimming fertilizers. :)
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